2019 IFA COLMO Mantle Lave Series Refrigerator World Premiere

Chinese brands walking onto the world stage

BERLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–At the IFA in 2019, COLMO, a high-end household appliance brand in China, released a series of refrigerators, Mantle Lava, which is the first refrigerator series released separately since the foundation of COLMO. At the press conference, COLMO invited the envoy of Chinese embassy in Germany, the counselor of Italian embassy in Germany and other officials, and they praised the new products on the spot. At the same time, International Cross-border Summit on New Bauhaus Design was organized. The summit invited Maria Luisa Poletti, the founder of a famous Italian clothing brand — Melampo, and Dr. Berhold Kuhn, a famous scholar of Berlin University and expert of International Cooperation, and Zhang Hui, director of research and development on COLMO, to exchange their respective views of the New Bauhaus Doctrine on the spot.

COLMO Mantle Lava series refrigerator combines top technology and leading-edge art, which is mainly functionalism. With streamlined design style, it can ensure the balance between function and design. The design process of lava panel is complex and precise, ensuring that each panel is unique. The application of AI intelligent fresh-keeping technology will give a perfect fresh-keeping plan for different demands of meat, vegetables and cooked food based on big data analysis, which will surely lead to changes in the market pattern of high-end refrigerators. It is a market in Europe, and its next action deserves further attention.


Liu JianFeng



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