AI can predict your personality by scanning your eyes.


eye scanner ai

These days we heard a lot of talks about a research published by the Southern Australian University. AI can predict which one of the five main personalities traits you have. Based on 42 students that answered a survey and then had their eyes scanned, the computer was able to determine to which personality the students corresponded.


What does this mean?

Of course, we all thought about the major changes that are to come in advertising. If computers can detect a personality, they will be able to act accordingly. Personalized content is already in the foundation of every online store. And customer experience has changed a lot in the last decade with the contribution of AI. But this eye scanning thing is not a news at all.


“The real problem is not what is technically feasible but the extent to which what is technically feasible can change our values.”


What about cameras in your living room?

The quote is by Susan Greenfield, it stresses a point that should be at the core of scientific thought.

Last week we talked about how eager we are to let machines be part of our everyday life. And in another article, we talked about Amazon’s Alexa vocal assistant: just as any other vocal assistant, it’s still imperfect.

Their chief scientist AI Lindsay talked about what are the plans for the future improvements they’re working on.


Filling non-verbal gaps in the communication between humans and machines

AI Lindsey stressed the point of how difficult it is for a machine to interact with humans that base most of their communication in the context.

Since detecting personality is now feasible, the next question is: when will we let Alexa have a camera in our living room?

Is home privacy still a value?

Or we would rather have an assistant that understands our needs?