AI in Social Media: How to Use AI to Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing

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Is AI (artificial intelligence) a passing fad? No, but the hype for it is. Otherwise, people would have been hyped for it 10 years ago when it was introduced into the mainstream by online grocery shopping websites. Nevertheless, while people are searching for the fastest way to exploit AI tools, let’s consider how it may help supercharge your social media marketing

Help You Gather Support on YouTube

You need to go buy YouTube channels from people who have already built up an audience. You are looking for social media account holders who have built up a nice pool of subscribers. Buy their accounts and post your marketing material on their accounts so that your content is the first thing they see on their news feed. 

Use AI to figure out what people want and what sort of content you should post to them. Have the AI bots take a look at the accounts you bought, have them take a look at your most popular content on those channels, and let them offer you suggestions on what type of content will do the best. 

This is not new technology. For example, Hootsuite and Buffer have long offered ideal time suggestions for Twitter posts. They examine your posts, figure out which are the best times to post to get the most impact, and they suggest them to you. Simply find AI bots that do the same thing, but they do it for YouTube content and genres rather than for Twitter post timings.

Help You Gain Influence on Instagram

Again, you need to buy Instagram accounts from somewhere like here, and you need to gather a following so that you can gain influence more easily. In this case, you use AI bots to examine the Instagram infrastructure as a whole. They are looking for the most popular types of content, the most popular subjects, and the most popular genres. You want the AI bots to give you an overview (broad or otherwise) of which types of content do the best on Instagram. Once it has figured out which types of content, which genres, etc., are doing the best, then it suggests them to you.

Creating Content For You

You may have seen those AI-generated images of Donald Trump supposedly being arrested. Some of them were pretty convincing, and it brings to mind the idea that much of your content could be AI-generated. There may be a little bit of a copyright issue, but what if you were very specific about what you wanted? 

For example, if you were to enter very broad terms and ideas into an AI content creator, then there is a chance somebody has written the same thing and the AI content creator has come up with something similar for other people. However, if you are very specific about what you want, and you give plenty of details, then there is little chance your content will be similar to other people’s.

Creating Content Plans

As mentioned earlier about how Hootsuite and Buffer would monitor Twitter to see which times were the best to post tweets, a similar thing could be done with AI bots. Except that the AI system goes a step further and decides on the social media campaign as a whole. It decides what sort of content appears on which days and at which times. If the AI is coming up with the content schedule and is also creating the content, then the social media marketing process becomes a lot less labor-intensive. It may give staff members are little more time to theorize and study while the AI scheduling and content-creating bots are hard at work.

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