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Helping AI companies visualize their mission and success stories

AI Time Journal is constantly coming across innovating organizations that are using AI to help businesses and people.

Increasing volumes of content and buzz around AI and people’s decreasing attention span often means that the best AI companies and their success stories do not get the attention that they deserve.

To help these companies cut through the noise and reach their target audience in a meaningful, engaging, and memorable way, AI Time Journal has partnered with film-maker Nick Szymczak to recreate the top AI success stories into films that people love to watch, share, and talk about.

Nick is an independent film-maker who specializes in creating films with story-telling and emotions.

AI Success Story Film

The films are a container for the companies to be discovered by new audiences, showcase their results, and bring their message to engaged and relevant listeners.

Do you represent a company developing AI solutions to help businesses and enhance people’s lives?

Do you believe that your customer success stories or case studies deserve more attention?

If your answer is yes, apply now through the form below.

After the application, selected companies will receive an offer with creative ideas and a script written by the film director.


Who is this opportunity for?

The films are meant to showcase the achievements of innovating organizations that apply Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI to solve significant and complex problems and improve people’s lives in a multitude of domains such as healthcare, finance, education, transportation, etc.

What happens after I apply?

Selected companies will receive an offer to turn their customer success story or case study into a film.

What is the cost?

The investment from the company side depends on the scope of the success story and of the film. The film director will provide creative ideas at different price ranges to bring your success story to life.

How will the film be produced?

After the client’s requirements are gathered, the film director Nick Szymczak will share creative ideas for the client to approve. The ideas will contain the script of the film, suggestions to involve actors, include stock footage, etc.

After the film is created, it will be submitted for the client’s approval. Two revisions are provided in the standard offer.

AI Time Journal will be the film producer, overseeing the overall delivery, providing customer support, and promoting the film once completed.

Can I see a sample?

Some of Nick’s work can be viewed here.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

You can get in touch with us at [email protected].

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