Maliha Rahman

Maliha is interested in exploring the different ways exponential technologies impact individuals, societies, and beyond.

How is Conversational AI shaking up Education?

As Covid-19 changed the landscape of online learning forever, Conversational AI has been nothing short of wild success and it’s only expanding.  Artificial intelligence, needless to say, has become an inseparable part of our lives and especially of most entrepreneurs brainstorming sessions. It is and will be transforming our lives in ways still quite out …

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Conversational AI In Healthcare

The Healthcare sector is often the last entity that embraces technological revolutions or updates, because of its dependence on human-to-human interactions. However, Covid 19 has forced this sector to collaborate with AI, especially conversational AI applications, to maximize its efficacy too.  Why is AI still not prominently used in Healthcare? Whenever a patient visits any …

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