Yifei Zhao

Contributor Yifei Zhao graduated from New York University with a Master's degree in Media, Culture, and Communication. She is passionate about content writing and helping to build partnerships to promote how AI brings benefits and interacts with human society.

Best AI-powered Advertising & Marketing Software

With the digital transformation of the whole business industry, a huge part of advertising also gradually moved from offline to online. Nowadays, online advertising has become the primary and most popular format of advertisements. Thanks to AI applications, advertisers and marketers can have a better understanding of consumers’ needs and develop a smarter insight into […]

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Best AI-powered Software Used in Healthcare (2023)

Nowadays, AI has walked into all aspects of human society and brought significant benefits to our daily work and life. Among all the domains that frequently interact with AI applications, healthcare is a classic example of how AI and technology benefit human life.  The influence of AI in healthcare is evident. For example, chatbots used

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How AI Benefits Fashion Retail

Artificial Intelligence (AI) now plays a significant role in all walks of life, including healthcare, education, business, retail, and translation. When it comes to retail in specific, the first thing about AI applications that comes into most people’s minds is conversational AI and chatbots, which are used in customer service.  To learn more about how

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5 Best AI-powered Chatbots (2023)

Nowadays, AI-powered chatbots are popular and heavily used in various domains. For instance, chatbots play an increasingly significant role in customer service and are gradually replacing a large percentage of human agents.  Furthermore, conversational AI has also become increasingly critical in the healthcare industry. Virtual assistance powered by AI in healthcare also helps to record

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Important Uses of AI in Translation

Due to globalization, the need for translation has quickly increased, for example:  Business areas: company employees need translation to sign international contracts.  Academic areas: students who study abroad need translation to understand difficult articles.  Entertainment area: audiences need translations to enjoy foreign books, video games, and films.  Before AI came into use, translation was a

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