5 Best Crypto Games in Development (2023)

Cryptocurrency is popular at the moment, especially since the introduction of NFTs and metaverse, which allow you to own things through the blockchain. One place that has had relatively few inclusions in the crypto space is video games. However, this has been slowly changing, and now there are a few games in development that are entirely reliant on cryptocurrencies. While some might be what people assume, those being get-rich-quick scams, there are nonetheless some interesting projects worth mentioning.

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Space Misfits

Starting us off is Space Misfits, a space exploration game akin to No Mans Sky. Character skins and ships are acquired through the blockchain using cryptocurrency, making you the owner. 

The game has a Pixar feel with the graphics looking somewhat cartoonish in the environments and character designs. Nonetheless, it is an enjoyable build-your-own space adventure with elements of base building and resource excavation that even leads to the game letting you earn crypto when playing it.

Earning crypto is fun and all, but for the game to be worth anything, it needs to play well. The ship piloting aspect of the game seems to be reminiscent of the greats like Star Fox and Ace Combat in terms of flight combat with the tight turns and shooting mechanics.

The base building mechanics are in the opening stages of development with updates to come, but from the design, it looks to be fully customizable. Other players can enter this base and see your fully kitted-out home in space purchased using your coins.


The next game is Illuvium, a Pokemon-ESC turn-based JRPG that battles creatures the players own against one another. The catch to the game is that the creatures within the game are NFTs. It has an almost sentimental value when fighting your monsters, showing that you trained to be the very best like no one ever was. 

The battle monster style of game has been fairly popular through the years, but it has become oversaturated as more titles in its genre have been released. Thankfully, Illuvium uses a real-time strategy style of gameplay to show its difference in space. Once both players place their monster pieces on the board, the fighting commences. From there, the monsters battle by themselves in a ground-based system that lets you switch between monsters and add or subtract them as the fight continues. 


Splinterlands is a card game where the cards are NFTs. Akin to other card games like Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic: The Gathering, each card has complex mechanics and classifications that make the card synergize. There is even a level system for the cards so that they can develop as the game progresses.

The cards have three different ways to attack, which are dependent on their location on the board and two main locations. The other three stats are speed which tells the order in which the cards will attack, armor which must be depleted before taking damage, and health which dictates how long the card has left to be on the board.

The strategy of the game is to have the cards fight while your summoner and their summoner provide buffs and debuffs to strengthen and weaken the cards on the field. This will continue until all of one side’s cards are defeated.

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Guild of Guardians

If you are a fan of dungeon-crawling adventures like Diablo, Guild of Guardians is the game for you. You and three others can delve into a dungeon and take out every enemy in sight for some nice loot

When playing in solo mode, the game plays in more of a Marvel: Ultimate Alliance format where the player switches between all playable characters while the AI plays those that are not player characters. This gives the player the ability to synergize abilities and strategize. 

There is a gear system as any game like this would have that gives stat increases to the characters equipped. You also can earn new characters and merge them to make more powerful ones. All these aspects are earned in the game and reward you with cryptocurrency when victorious

Hash Rush

Lastly, for those into proper real-time strategy games like Starcraft, Hash Rush could be your choice for a fun time. In this game, the player must build up bases and make units in a race against the clock against the opponent’s forces. As with any RTS title, strategy is everything and when considering the variety of units to control in the game, there is a lot of room to come up with interesting ways to win.

To add to the tension, the major crypto inclusion for this game is that this game lets you wager your crypto on your team to earn more. Of course, where wagering coins are available, there is always the chance to lose out on your crypto, so be mindful when going in.

By starting with builders, you build up your bases of operations and then expand as the game progresses. You then start to build your defenses and attacking units while your opponent does the same. As the clock ticks down, these forces will eventually collide, and that’s when the fun begins, as careful positioning is required to win the fight.

Eventually, one side will overtake the other through sheer numbers and strength until every one of the opposing buildings is destroyed and that player wins.

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