Conversational AI Interview

Conversational AI Initiative – Interview Offer

  1. Interview article featuring a leader from your company with Q&A about your company, its recent achievements, thought leadership in industry, and points you want to discuss indicated upon booking.
  2. Article featured on as part of the Conversational AI Initiative containing a link to your company website and interview guest’s LinkedIn/Twitter profile.
  3. Article promoted on our newsletter and social media accounts.
  4. Optional: the article can contain a call to action at the end (e.g. invitation to download an opt-in incentive on your website).

Book Interview – $200

Please notice:

  1. If you have not been invited to book the interview by AI Time Journal staff, please contact us before you register to ensure that we can feature your company.
  2. Interviews are conducted through a written Q&A via email. We will send the questions to the email you provide within three business days from your registration.
  3. A $200 fee is levied for interviews featured as part of the Conversational AI Initiative. You will be redirected to PayPal after filling the form below.

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