How AI Improves Online Payments

Shopping online has become more and more popular for consumers, especially during the pandemic. With online shopping, customers cannot only buy necessities but also enjoy shopping at home. And the quick shipping speed and free return policy also make the shopping experience more reasonable and enjoyable.  To provide a better online shopping experience, AI plays …

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How IoT Technology is Changing the Financial Industry

What is IoT Technology? The Internet of Things (IoT) is a digital network whose infrastructure is built into physical objects or items we typically regard as arbitrary or day-to-day. These ‘things’ can encompass even the most rudimentary household items such as thermostats and kitchen appliances to large-scale industrial apparatuses, or contactless credit cards in the …

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How to Go Into Cybersecurity

With the digital transformation of social life and business trades, the Internet has become a significant stage for all kinds of activities. Individuals enjoy sharing their daily lives on social media and relaxing with all kinds of online entertainment. Businesses and organizations also benefit from the Internet’s big memory, calculating ability, and diverse AI technologies. …

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Best Cybersecurity courses (2024)

The demand for professionals in the cybersecurity industry has been rising for the past few years. According to, about 500,000 job openings for cybersecurity positions were reported between April 2020 and March 2021. Therefore, it is the peak time to explore opportunities in cybersecurity. To those end, one first needs to be literate about …

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