Chike Mgbemena: Professional Way to an App’s Success

Chike Mgbemena

Chike Mgbemena, a highly experienced Mobile Software Engineer, will tell us how to design and develop a mobile app to address real-world issues and enhance user experiences. 

The statistics highlight the immense impact of mobile applications and smartphones on our daily lives. With mobile applications dominating over 90% of internet time, it’s clear that people are increasingly relying on their smartphones for various activities, such as communication, entertainment, and productivity. However, only 13 percent of mobile apps are successful once released. Chike Mgbemena knows for sure that a successful mobile app involves a combination of various key ingredients that contribute to its overall effectiveness and popularity, and he will share with us his path to creating the most successful mobile applications.

Early Career in Technology

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Chike Mgbemena is a professional software engineer with over seven years of expertise in the fintech, edtech, and retail sectors. Chike pursued his bachelor’s degree in computer science at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN). Before enrolling in university to study Computer Science, Chike completed a web development course at NIIT, an institution renowned for its training and development programs for individuals, enterprises, and institutions. During this course, he learned how to develop web applications, which sparked his passion for computers and technology. This newfound interest led him to pursue a degree in Computer Science. Chike states, “I found Software Engineering and Object-Oriented Programming to be the most important subjects. Software Engineering taught me the principles of designing, developing, and maintaining high-quality software, which is crucial for creating robust and scalable applications.”

As proof of his excellent studies, programming skills, problem-solving, and passion for technology Google chose Chike as a Google Student Ambassador for his university, a prestigious position awarded by Google to a selected group of students in various universities around the world.. His /primary responsibility was to teach Android mobile software development, and with the support of Google, he successfully trained over 150 students with over half of them successfully building apps after the training, further solidifying his commitment to the field and his ability to share knowledge effectively. At the conclusion of the program, he was honored with the Star Google Student Ambassador Award, recognizing him as the top ambassador among all participants from Sub-Saharan Africa.

After completing his studies, Chike Mgbemena began his career at Pacent Technologies. He was actively involved in the development of ‘SmartAlumni’, a native Android application designed to enhance alumni engagement with schools and fellow graduates. He was also involved in the development and maintenance of in-house school management systems, which were utilized by numerous schools to streamline their administrative and educational processes. His experience at Pacent Technologies allowed him to master his mobile and web development skills while contributing to innovative solutions that positively affected both the educational and technological landscapes.

After Pacent Technologies, Chike Mgbemena continued his professional growth at Zone (formerly AppZone Group), a leading provider of innovative banking and payment solutions and played an important role in developing a native mobile banking app, as Senior Android Software Engineer; at Carbon where he started as a Senior Android Software Engineer and then promoted a Lead Android Software Engineer and where he led the launch of a virtual card feature that boosted user transactions by 50% and improved app retention rates by 30%. Additionally, he revolutionized Carbon’s Android Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline by integrating code quality checks and unit testing, significantly reducing production bugs.

Leadership and Teamwork in Achieving Organizational Excellence

Impressive work ethic and outstanding technical expertise have played a significant role in securing a new, more rewarding job opportunity. Chike Mgbemena is currently working at Postly as a Senior Android Software Engineer (consultant). In this role, Chike leads the design and implementation of innovative features for’s Android application, aiming to ensure seamless integration and deliver high-quality user experiences to the customers.

Chike’s expertise and dedication contribute significantly to the success of’s Android application. By staying as the pioneer of technological advancements and constantly seeking ways to improve the app’s functionality, Chike plays a significant role in driving innovation to maintain a high standard of excellence at Postly. Their commitment to delivering top-notch software solutions ensures that the company remains a leader in the industry, providing users with a user-friendly and reliable platform for their needs.

His technical leadership and mentorship have significantly enhanced the skills and productivity of mid-level and junior software engineers by providing targeted training on advanced Android development topics and performance optimization. Chike Mgbemena facilitated knowledge sharing through regular code reviews, pair programming sessions, and the introduction of agile methodologies and an optimized CI/CD pipeline.

Moreover, Chike Mgbemena developed a mentoring method to ensure consistent growth and development among his teammates. This began with assessing each team member’s skill levels and areas for improvement through one-on-one meetings and code reviews, leading to personalized learning plans with specific goals and timelines. He conducted regular training sessions on advanced Android development topics and performance optimization. Additionally, he facilitated knowledge-sharing and collaborative problem-solving through regular code reviews and pair programming sessions.

Remarkable Achievements Along the Path of Success

Throughout Chike Mgbemena’s career as an Android/Web Software Engineer, he encountered various challenges that played a significant role in their professional development. Chike shares, “The most arduous task in my work was leading the development and implementation of the Carbon Express feature at Carbon. This project involved creating a bespoke Android keyboard that enabled users to conduct faster and more secure payments while chatting. The complexity lay in integrating secure payment functionalities into a custom keyboard, ensuring both high performance and stringent security standards. Balancing these requirements while maintaining an intuitive user experience was a significant challenge.”

Indeed, facing challenges often leads to greater achievements and growth in one’s career. Chike considers that the biggest achievement was the successful launch of the virtual card feature at Carbon. This feature enhanced the app’s functionality and user experience, resulting in a 50% increase in user transactions and a 30% boost in app retention rates. The project significantly contributed to Carbon’s growth and user satisfaction. This achievement stands out because it demonstrated his technical expertise to lead a team and deliver a high-impact solution in a fast-paced fintech environment.

Setting Professional Goals for Future Career

Chike Mgbemena’s technical proficiency in a diverse array of mobile programming technologies such as Kotlin, Java, Dart, Flutter, Android SDK, Retrofit, Dagger2, Hilt, RxJava2, Coroutines, Hilt, Compose, and Room is truly remarkable. His versatility and expertise across mobile programming technologies empower him to effectively navigate through challenging projects and deliver top-notch mobile solutions that are both innovative and user-focused. Chike’s commitment to excellence and continuous learning has positioned him as a valuable asset in mobile  software engineering.

Looking ahead, Chike plans to further enhance his skill set by delving deeper into innovative technologies and frameworks within the Android/mobile development ecosystem. He aims to explore advanced topics such as machine learning integration, augmented reality, and blockchain applications to broaden his expertise and stay at the forefront of technological advancements. Additionally, Chike Mgbemena aims to mentor and share his knowledge with aspiring developers to contribute to the growth of the tech community. By setting ambitious goals and maintaining a proactive approach to learning, Chike envisions making a lasting impact in the tech industry and continuing to excel in his career as a Mobile Software Engineer.

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