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The purpose of the Conversational AI Initiative is to keep track of the latest advancements, state-of-the-art technology, applications and opportunities for the enterprises to leverage Conversational AI.

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The insights shared through this initiative are intended as a guide for the enterprises, particularly medium and large, on the new opportunities offered by Conversational AI on a number of topics, including:
1) How to Scale Customer Support operations
2) Applications of Conversational AI across industries
3) Lead Generation
4) Opportunities brought by Voice-Enabled Conversational AI interfaces

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Receive updates on the latest advancements, opportunities and insights on how to leverage Conversational AI in your enterprise, and learn how to:

Develop a conversational-AI strategy for your enterprise

Build, launch, and optimise your bots with proven best practices

Monitor your bots for top performance with the best tools available



Learn How Other Enterprises Are Successfully Leveraging Bots

Actionable insights and case studies of how brands have successfully deployed bots across departments are being shared in the Initiative.

Marketing & Sales

1) Drastically increase conversion rates with Lead Generation Bots 
2) Qualify leads faster 
3) Maximise lead conversion

Customer Support

1) Reduce operation costs with virtual assistants
2) Scale operations without increasing your headcount
3) Engage with customer 24/7

Operational Efficiency

1) Automate processes
2) Empower teams
3) Eliminate manual errors

How to Get Involved

Be Interviewed

Top-level representatives of organizations developing Conversational AI solutions can be interviewed to share insights and opportunities for the enterprises.

Publish articles

Thought-leadership contributor articles can be submitted and selected ones will be featured in this page and across AI Time Journal as part of the Initiative.

Featured Thought Leaders

Conversational AI industry thought leaders can submit articles and selected ones are featured in this list.

Chetan Dube
Founder and CEO @ IPsoft
Sairam Vedam
Chief Marketing Officer at
Sairam Vedam is the Chief Marketing Officer at He drives Global Marketing, Strategic Positioning, Analyst Relations and Developer Marketing efforts. He is a speaker, blogger and teaches at some of the leading B-schools of India.
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Matt Smith
Conversational AI Practice Leader | Associate Vice President at Cognizant

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