Conversational AI Initiative

The purpose of the Conversational AI Initiative is to keep track of the latest advancements, state-of-the-art technology, use cases and opportunities for businesses and end-users to benefit from Conversational AI.

Chatbots | Virtual Assistants | Voicebots

The insights shared through this initiative are intended as a guide for the enterprises, particularly medium and large, on the new opportunities offered by Conversational AI on a number of topics, including:
1) Customer Experience
2) Scaling Customer Support operations
3) Applications of Conversational AI across industries
4) Marketing, Lead Generation
5) Opportunities brought by Voice-Enabled Conversational AI interfaces

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How to Get Involved

Be Interviewed

Top-level representatives of organizations developing Conversational AI solutions can be interviewed to share insights and opportunities for the enterprises.

Publish articles

Thought-leadership contributor articles can be submitted and selected ones will be featured in this page and across AI Time Journal as part of the Initiative.

Conversational AI Interviews

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