Conversational AI Trends 2020

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What are the biggest Conversational AI trends in 2020, and how do they affect business?

During our interviews and surveys, we asked top experts in the field to evaluate the progress so far and provide their predictions for what’s coming.

With Conversational AI technology rapidly advancing, new platforms and interfaces becoming available, new applications and use cases are emerging in all industries.

The pandemic has shown how virtual assistants have become a crucial element for brands and enterprises to serve their customers quickly and keep them happy. In this ebook, we look at some of the success stories and how brands leveraged conversational AI technology to turn a challenge into an opportunity.

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Learn How Conversational AI is Leveraged by Top Players in 2020 and What’s Next

  • Brands Anticipating Customer Needs
  • Customer Engagement
  • CX
  • Virtual Assistants and the Pandemic
  • Cognitive Chatbots
  • Vertical AI
  • Voice Interfaces
  • Process-Oriented Chatbots
  • AR, IoT, RPA Convergence

Insights from Top Experts

The ebook contains insights and tips from the experts who participated in our interviews and surveys:

  • Seb Reeve
  • Chris Ezekiel
  • Mike Murchison
  • Nithya Thadani
  • Seb Reeve
  • Dr. Catriona Wallace
  • Abhishek Thakur
  • Ram Menon
  • Peter Voss
  • Ravi N. Raj
  • Satish Medapati
  • Andy Peart
  • David Nahamoo
  • Antonio Grasso
  • Dinesh Sharma
  • Sascha Poggemann
  • Richard Marcil
  • Tim Warren



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