Conversational Transition: Will It Be the Next Big Thing for Marketing?

For decades marketers have been trying hard to comprehend the full path to purchase and how consumers interact with their brands on this decision making journey. 

Understanding how your consumers move through marketing and sales funnels is at the heart of creating compelling and engaging consumer experiences with your brand.

Consumer engagement strategies have come a long way from one way linear communication to delivering end-to-end conversational experiences. Adaptation to this fast evolving, dynamic marketing environment is inevitable for the businesses to build long term competitive gaps.

Conversation has also evolved from “face to face communication only” to interactive communication via screens and to messaging. Researches show that millennials prefer to chat, text and instant message. Looking at platforms like WhatsApp, chatting appears to be the first option for its users. This says a lot about the success of chat as the primary channel of communication. 

Thanks to breakthrough evolutions in technology such as natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and chatbots, conversational marketing appears to be the next big milestone in the evolution of interaction with your audiences.

Chatbots: “Core Prerequisite for Conversational Marketing and Customer Care”

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that can simulate a conversation (or a chat) with a user in natural language through messaging applications, websites, mobile apps or by telephone.

Customer care and conversational marketing are in the heart of chatbot use cases. Consumers who are already spending a considerable amount of time on messaging platforms also prefer to reach the brands via messaging. Businesses who are utilising chatbots and live chat on these platforms are interacting more efficiently and surely less costly with their consumers.      

Conversational marketing uses intelligent chatbots instead of lead capture forms ( as in traditional marketing ). This ensures that when leads are live on your digital platforms, they will never have to wait for follow-ups, and can engage with your business when they need to.

The Biggest Benefits of Conversational Marketing

  • Learn more about your customers via personalised communication.
  • Find user-related information all in one place. Better understand the context of the conversation, analyse customer interactions, user location, preferences, demographics, and transactional data.
  • Convert more leads and better leads. Through asking a range of questions, chatbots identify best leads and direct them where necessary.
  • Shorten your sales cycle via 24/7 availability and instant communication.
  • Create a more human buying experience through AI powered chatbots, assisting inquiries through real-time conversations.

How To Start a Flourishing Conversational Business?

  • Define conversation topics and archetypes: Mark out the scope of the conversation topics for all your digital channels and clearly set your brand’s conversational style with consumers.
  • Define the conversation channels:  Clearly define your consumer interaction channels. Live chat and chatbots can be used in your internal channels as well as external chat applications.
  • Define right use cases: Choosing the right use cases is crucial, especially for the bot. It is essential to choose the use cases (preferably transactional cases) which are beneficial to your business and consumers.
  • Design the conversation: Design the identified conversational use cases and teach the system appropriate data for it to better understand these cases. Create channel based scenarios and also different use cases by channel.
  • Track and correct /Improve: Track conversations and improve efficiency by constantly teaching your bot new scenarios.

Start Interacting Intelligently With Your Customers Via SOR’UN!

SOR’UN can support you in starting a flourishing conversational business with its products covering all crucial phases.

SOR’UN STUDIO – Integrating defined conversation topics /archetypes and right use cases.

SOR’UN SUITE – Managing all your conversation channels from one platform.

SOR’UN FLOW – Designing the conversations, tracking and constantly improving.

Please visit our website  for more detailed information on how we can help you! 

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