2nd Intelligent Chatbots Asia Summit, Singapore, June 2019

Editor’s comment: AI Time Journal promotes events and news aimed at spreading knowledge and advancements in Artificial Intelligence across several industries and domains. We are proud to share with our readers the 2nd Intelligent Chatbots Asia Summit, happening in Singapore in June 2019.

Returning from the successful launch last June, the 2nd Annual Intelligent Chatbots Summit will convene Chatbot practitioners to explore key themes on ‘Business Synergies & Value Creation’, ‘Chatbot ROI & Performance’, ‘Continuous Improvement Initiatives’, ‘Building Intelligent Bots’, ‘Chatbot Adoption & Utilisation’, ‘Chatbot User Experience & Design’ and ‘Monetising Chatbots’.

Attend this 2-days program focused specifically on chatbots to get inspired and network with like-minded peers!

Event data/location: 18 – 21 June, 2019 | Equarius Hotel, Singapore

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