How Does A Remote Internship Work?

Remote Internship has become a familiar term throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Before we divulge into “How does a remote internship work?” We must understand it: Remote internship is the ability to experience work within a virtual setting. It allows individuals to conduct their job from their homes without the need for travel and physical presence. 

In the past, remote internships were less common and there were software and hardware-related technological difficulties that presided over which prevented remote placements. However, the pandemic allowed opportunities for life to continue virtually. Thus, enabling companies to improve user experience and allow communication through a variety of software applications will enable tasks to be completed in the same manner as in real life. 

Coming back to the question of “How does a remote internship work?” Three aspects need to be covered: 

  1. The first is about remote internships 
  2. The second would be opportunities and challenges and 
  3. The last aspect would be the resources/equipment that is required. 

Remote Internships

First and foremost before an individual considers remote internships they must understand that it all revolves around communication. To work across any geographical location, the ability to communicate is crucial to work remotely. In remote internships, individuals should have the ability to communicate asynchronously with members of the company, and at times allocate a synchronous time for meetings.

Through communication, it is important to know the responsibilities that come with the job scope and the dedication to work towards those goals. Miscommunication is quite easy to take place as it is difficult to interpret an individual’s tone of voice and body language Hence communicating clearly and frequently reduces the risk of miscommunication which can otherwise interrupt workflow. 

Opportunities and Challenges

Secondly, there are opportunities to work remotely which continues to give people real-life work experience. A benefit would be that individuals in remote working environments can be independent in their work and also have flexibility through their work time. It also allows people to save time in terms of traveling, and physical resources such as office spaces and equipment. Additionally, with the pandemic still in session; it has been ideal to curb the diseases and continue working virtually by maintaining social distancing without a pause to people’s lifestyles.

However, there are often challenges to such instances which incorporate technical difficulties with unstable internet and time zone issues whereby people working in the company operate in different time zones. Regardless, these are issues that can be easily resolved and are being solved by companies by improving software applications as well as building teams across similar time zones for efficiency. 


“It is important to grab such opportunities to learn, grow and increase knowledge through meaningful work”

Finally, what resources and equipment are needed for remote working? As an individual motivated to work across a remote environment; they would require a digital device preferably a computer or laptop and a stable internet connection. Technological advancement has now enabled individuals with the ability to expand to remote working environments without leaving the comfort of their homes. Thus, increasing the productivity of individual workers and allowing people to have flexibility with independence in a professional working environment.

Internship at AI Time Journal has allowed individuals to receive a professional working experience through work interdependence and individuality.

Furthermore, the ability to flexibly work asynchronously with a culturally diverse team across the globe in different geographical locations is a unique experience. As remote internships become more available across the globe, it is important to grab such opportunities to learn, grow and increase knowledge through meaningful work. 

Remote Internships at AI Time Journal

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