Project and Operations Management Internship

Project management interns will gain experience with managing and automating operations in an online business and a remote team.

I was able to work with amazing teammates

It was a fantastic journey being an intern at AI Time Journal. As a project manager intern, I was given a free hand in developing and creating the projects, which gave me really practical experiences in managing different projects and the opportunities to start a project from beginning to end.

During the process, I have learned so much, such as detailed planning beforehand, allocating resources and tasks, and open-space meetings to brainstorm ideas with teammates.

Another great part of being an intern at AI Time Journal is that I was able to work with amazing teammates: I also learned a lot from them.

Overall, I appreciate what this internship has given me, and it was a pleasure to work with everyone on the team!

TzuYi Juang

Project and Operations Management
Jan 28, 2022

Managing a remote team has been a wonderful experience that has taught me numerous lessons about people, time, and resource management

My position at AITJ has allowed me to develop key skills in project and operations management and permitted me to develop professionally while providing more value in the projects I work in. Working and managing a remote team has been a wonderful experience that has taught me numerous lessons about people, time, and resource management.

I had the amazing opportunity to work alongside my team in the launch and publish of our weekly AI Time Journal podcast series. Being able to see this project grow from just an idea, to a full podcast show has been an exciting experience. I have met wonderful people within my team and we have all grown together to work more efficiently. This position has helped me improve processes and better productivity, skills that I will be using throughout my entire professional career.

Anna Panetta

Project and Operations Management
Aug 28, 2021

I am beyond grateful to have been able to express my creativity without being minimized to specific set of instructions

My experience at AI Time Journal could be summed up into a bundle of learning experiences. Not only was it amazing working with international individuals for the first time and having it be my first official internship, but it was an opportunity that I will never forget. I am beyond grateful to have been able to express my creativity without being minimized to specific set of instructions. With being the first project management and operations intern at AITJ, it allowed a free range of new ides to be built upon.

This remote internship taught me a new mindset on how disciplined you have to be. When you are working remotely, the level of discipline must be set to a high standard. It is “easier” to not be fully present or responsive during your respective availability. Therefore, setting intentional goals for the day/week or making the effort to motivate yourself by going to a coffee shop, for example, are major keys. Another lesson I learned is how impactful it is when you show affirmation and appreciation especially in a remote setting. Reaching out to someone individually or shouting them out in meetings are some great examples that boosted our awesome team members’ moral. Lastly, real and open leadership while being creative is essential to excelling in any position. Starting and spearheading weekly team meetings and games to connect the team members increased effective collaboration.

Anneleissa Lugay

Project and Operations Management
Aug 1, 2021


  • Coordinate the team in key business processes including publishing ebooks and podcasts, launching new marketing campaigns, growing the team
  • Devise processes and workflows for new projects
  • Find and/or execute on opportunities to streamline current processes to enhance execution efficiency and lead us to constantly achieving greater highs

Ideal majors:

  • Business
  • Business administration
  • International business
  • Operations and supply chain management
  • Project and operations management
  • Engineering Management / Systems Engineering

This position relies on heavy communication skills to manage remote operations and the eagerness to quickly learn new tools and frameworks. We use Slack for team communication, Asana to manage operations and projects, and a number of other tools for automation, including Zapier, IFTTT, etc.


  1. Project and Operations Management Interns are required availability of at least 5 hours per day from Monday to Friday.
  2. The minimum duration of this internship is 4 months.