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We are currently accepting applications for Podcast Host roles.

Podcast hosts will be conducting video interviews for the AI Time Journal Podcast.

The roles are held for 6 months on a voluntary basis. There are currently 3 positions available for hosts to interview guests for our Data Science and Data Science Leaders Interview Series.

We are looking for ambitious, curious, and creative people who want to have an active role in sharing information and knowledge about Artificial Intelligence while connecting with some of the brightest minds in this exponentially growing field.

Interview AI industry leaders and experts

We have interviewed more than 100 AI experts, founders, executives, and influencers who operate across several industries.

We are constantly surveying data science leaders and top performers in data science to gather and share insights from them with our audience.

Some of the guests that our podcast hosts and associate editors have had the chance to connect with and interview include:

  1. Brian Solis, Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce, interviewed by Jagan G. M.
  2. Kate Strachnyi, Founder of DATAcated, interview by Chayan Kathuria
  3. Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, KDnuggets President, interviewed by Jagan G. M.
  4. Walt Mayo, CEO of Expert AI, interviewed by Jagan G. M.
  5. Spiros Margaris, VC at Margaris Ventures, interviewed by Senthujan Sen
  6. Kristen Kehrer, Founder of Data Moves Me, interviewed by Nisha Arya Ahmed
  7. Kaushik Raha, VP of Data Science Health Content Operations, Elsevier, interviewed by Chayan Kathuria
  8. Guillermo Diaz, Jr., CEO, Kloudspot, interviewed by A.M. Aditya
  9. Dipanjan Sarkar, Lead Data Scientist at Propulsion Academy Zurich, interview by Chayan Kathuria
  10. Andrew Jones, “Mr DATA SCIENCE INFINITY”, interviewed by Jagan G. M.

Podcast Host Role

The Podcast Host role is a platform for you to connect with these leaders, learn from them, and create insightful content for our audience.

Job Description


  • Become a publicly recognized interviewer in a fast-growing organization in the exponentially-growing field of AI
  • Grow a network of top business executives in leading AI companies
  • Opportunity to connect with and interview top names in the field of AI
  • Ability to grow online publications portfolio through these video interviews


  • At least 1 year of professional publishing experience (print or video)
  • Native-level fluency in English and strong communication
  • Interest in AI fields

What we provide

  • Contacts for interviews
  • Marketing support to promote each podcast publication
  • Interviewer “spotlight” on our website to highlight your published interviews
  • Professional video editing of recorded interviews


  • Willingness to record and complete at least one 30-minute interview weekly
  • Availability to communicate (mostly asynchronously) with the team
  • Recording of the raw interview (which will be edited by our video editing team)


  • This position is held on a voluntary basis. Podcast hosts receive public recognition and network growth from interviews with top influencers in AI.

How to Apply

Please send your answers to the questions in the form linked below. We look forward to receiving your application!

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