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We are looking for data science and ML experts who wish to contribute by sharing their knowledge and be featured in one or more articles on AI Time Journal.

Expert Roundups

Share your knowledge by answering one question on a current topic and be featured in an article amongst other experts.

Ongoing Expert Roundups

  1. What are the current challenges and opportunities to employ AI and Data Science to tackle Coronavirus?
  2. What were the most relevant developments, breakthroughs and advancements in Data Science in 2019, and what do you foresee for 2020?

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Examples of previous expert roundups:

  1. Trend Talk in AIoT 2020
  2. How Can Enterprises Prepare for the Changes Brought by Conversational AI?

Data Science Interview Series

We are interviewing top performers in data science and machine learning to build valuable resources for the data science community.

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