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Blockchain Eventon

06/12/2019 – BLOCKCHAIN & AI FESTIVAL FOR ENTERPRISE   Blockchain Eventon is an opportunity for global professionals to engage, learn and explore what’s next in the realms of Blockchain, AI, Big Data, IoT and Quantum Technologies. Through a series of diverse knowledge tracks, gain vital insights by participating in thought-provoking discussions about the world-changing potential application of […]

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AI & Cognitive Systems Forum

29/10/2019 – 31/10/2019 – Editor’s comment: AI Time Journal promotes events and news aimed at spreading knowledge and advancements in Artificial Intelligence across several industries and domains. We are proud to share with our readers the AI & Cognitive Systems Forum happening in Barcelona in October 2019. Join the AI & Cognitive Systems Forum learn how adding Artificial Intelligence to IoT can completely transform […]

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Why Conversational AI is Set to Bloom in 2019

By 2020, 50% of analytical queries will be generated via search, NLP or voice, or will be automatically generated. – Gartner 2019 may well be the inflection point for conversational artificial intelligence (AI) adoption, going by the recent advances this technology has made on the ground. For years, there’s been din in the market; that AI

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AI Time Journal contributors include data scientists, domain experts and company founders who share a vision in divulging information, knowledge and new opportunities in Artificial Intelligence. Why get involved Contributor Article Guidelines We believe that by creating an environment where readers can learn and consume objective and insightful information, both authors and readers will benefit.

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