People in AI Interview Series

The purpose of the “People in AI” Interview Series is to survey prominent people in AI to collect and share insights, current challenges and opportunities.

Showing a unique personal side makes the article more interesting, entertaining and engaging for the audience, and presents an opportunity for you to tell us about your project, product or company in a more causal way.

Each question represents an opportunity for you to make your interview stand out. Feel free to answer as thoroughly as you like and motivate your answers with reasons, anecdotes, stories, etc.

The questions can be grouped in the following categories:

  1. Your current project and goals
  2. How you contribute to the AI community (conferences you speak at, blogs you write, etc.)
  3. Mindset, challenges, attitude, things that inspire you
  4. Fun facts

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To be interview, please contact us at [email protected] and indicate the LinkedIn/Twitter profile of the person to be interviewed.

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