Philanthropist James Dooley Invests In Uniplay Markings

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James Dooley, an entrepreneur and investor located in the UK, has invested in a new business venture called Uniplay.  Read on to find out more about what Uniplay are and what they offer. 

With many years of experience in digital marketing vlsand SEO services, he sees great potential in this business. He has invested in them to build the company to its full potential. 

Who is Uniplay?

Uniplay specialises in fun, innovative outdoor ground markings for schools and nurseries in the UK.  They offer many different interactive ground markings to help children learn while playing, making them a huge success with this highly sought-after unique product in the UK.  

In a world where children rely heavily on tablets and computer games, even YouTube, for play-based learning, Uniplay offers something more unique and customisable to get your children thinking and learning through play instead of digitally. Playground markings, more than any ground markings, offer children a healthier way to play outdoors and with friends. 

What are the Benefits?

There are a number of great benefits enjoyed by children having access to playground markings to learn and interact with their friends and peers. These include encouraging physical activity instead of sitting in front of a TV or computer screen to learn. 

It can also help develop a huge range of important skills, such as coordination, communication, teamwork, fitness, and social skills.  Many of the most important skills our young children need to grow and become more social can be enhanced through playground markings. 

At Uniplay, the creative team are in charge of building customisable markings for your school playground or nursery. They specialise in working with you to bring to life the ground markings you want and what is best for your playground.  They bring to life traditional playground games, number games and custom games to suit your needs and age range. 

Where are they Mostly Used?

The most popular places ground markings are used are in playgrounds, nurseries, and infant schools or primary schools.  They are also used in community playgrounds to promote a colourful, more interactive place for children outside their school environment. 

How are Playground Markings Applied?

You may think that it is a long, drawn-out process, but markings are relatively easy to do.  They are applied to the ground by heating them onto the tarmac with a propane lance. Uniplay can complete playground markings in as little as 30 minutes which offers little or no disruption to the classroom, and your pupils can enjoy them quickly and safely without the overnight drying time. 

What Other Markings Does Uniplay Offer?

Not only do Uniplay offer many playground markings, but they also specialise in commercial and corporate markings.  These include: 

  • Bespoke Markings 
  • Car parks 
  • Junction Markings 
  • Office Building Markings 
  • Parking Bay Lines 
  • Road Arrows 
  • Road Markings 
  • Speed Roundels 

You can agree that with an extensive catalogue of products and services, Uniplay is elite in its niche. 

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