4 Skills to Succeed in a World Dominated by AI

With the world becoming increasingly dependent on Artificial Intelligence, people must develop skills and talents to make themselves irreplaceable. Otherwise, when traditional jobs will become obsolete, many professionals will find themselves unemployed and without enough transferable skills for employment.

 To thrive in a world revolving around AI, we must embrace it and become more technologically literate so that digitalization and AI will complement our work instead of replacing it.

Here is a list of skills that can be acquired.

1. Data Science and AI

Every business produces data. An employee who can store, analyze, and predict outcomes from this data to enhance the operations of a business will be an asset to any company. 

There are very few industries that cannot benefit from incorporating Data Science and AI into their business. Professionals who have some foundational knowledge about AI, ML, NLP, and Data Science will be more promising candidates for most jobs.

Artificial Intelligence at large can be advantageous as most companies nowadays actively seek technologically proficient employees, who will be able to adapt to companies that use or are seeking to include exponential technologies for their growth. From chatbots to virtual assistants, Artificial Intelligence can help professionals become more organized and efficient in their jobs.

How To Get Into Data Science, by Nisha Arya from AITJ is a great starter for anyone interested to learn about Data Science.

2. Leadership

No team can properly function or provide productive results unless the team is managed by a capable leader. Effective teams have leaders who aren’t assertive but are collaborative and assimilate feedback daily

This is where Artificial Intelligence cannot necessarily intervene, as team members prefer someone of their own who can build strong empathetic connections with them and essentially ‘manage’ them. Artificial Intelligence is not a suitable candidate for this role yet, and that’s why this still isn’t a position that is replaceable yet.

Job applicants can succeed in their job search by enhancing their decision-making, problem-solving, and accountability skills. Especially aspiring Managers will be at a greater advantage if they can show employers their communication and organizational skills, and Work Ethic.

3. Content Marketing

Even if Artificial Intelligence has been able to outperform humans when it comes to problem-solving, data management, and self-improvement, it still has not been able to do as well when it comes to creativity. Creativity is the backbone of Content Marketing, and when Artificial Intelligence has tried to create content, it has mostly lacked SEO criteria to make it to its consumer base. 

This is also where Professionals can learn to create creative value that is irreplaceable by Artificial Intelligence, and continue to be valuable for businesses. This can be one of the best skills that people can learn to flourish because even two people who write on the same thing will not be able to create the same thing, which makes content marketing very unique.

4. Soft Skills

A very important distinction between people and Artificial Intelligence is that people can learn and utilize soft skills, which are important for every single industry or career, while AI cannot. Soft Skills include Leadership, Creativity, Adaptability, Work Ethic, Interpersonal Skills, Team Work, Conflict Resolution, etc. These skills are integral to making any teamwork, especially remote teams after covid. No matter how technologically advanced or resourceful the team is, it will not develop or be productive unless the team members are committed to their tasks and willing to build a healthy work environment. For long-term growth, a healthy team is necessary to maintain the same level of output, while not burning out the employees.

The skill is also particularly beneficial for those who want to land their first jobs. Job interviews are mainly about showing the interviewer how capable you are as an employee. For interviewees to demonstrate their value, they need to be succinct and as agreeable as possible during interviews. As a result, Soft skills can be really handy for people who want to upgrade their employability. More about this can be found here: What are Soft Skills?

Human Resources is one of those professions where Soft skills can be greatly advantageous. Bhgyashree Shreenath’s article, AI and Automation revolutionizing the HR industry, has made a compelling case for it. 

To summarise, it is not going to be an easy task to find jobs as Artificial Intelligence continues to excel in almost every imaginable field. Artificial Intelligence should not be seen as a competition, but as a support system that can boost the productivity levels of existing industries and persons. However, it is still better to boost our skills, so that we are up to date with this technological revolution and not replaceable by some software. 

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