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AI Time Journal divulges information and knowledge about the opportunities brought by Artificial Intelligence technology and companies across several industries and domains.

We do this by publishing interviews with industry thought leaders, founders, CEOs and influencers in the field of AI, and by providing a platform to publish high-quality AI-related contributor articles.

Featured Press Release – $100

$100 per submission – several types of content including brand awareness, news and announcements.

The offer includes:

  1. Advertorial published as featured article on the website containing up to 1500 words.
  2. Up to 6 no-follow UTM links.
  3. Option to add call to action at the end of the article.
  4. Featured in our newsletter and promoted through our social channels: LinkedIn, Twitter (1 share per channel).
  5. The article is labeled as sponsored.
  6. The content is provided by the Client. The editorial team has full editorial control on the final draft.
  7. The article is published on a page free of third-party ads.
  8. Client can provide their Facebook and/or Google Ads, Twitter, LinkedIn pixel to be installed on the applicable page.

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