The Current State of AI in the Insurance Sector with Tony Boobier

In this insightful interview with Tony Boobier, many arguments were discussed.

First of all, he introduced how he got into the AI and Data Science sector, explaining that he attended his studies in Civil and Structural Engineering, a degree in which he was thought how to build and construct things. Nonetheless, he was more interested in what happens when buildings and structures fall down. This is obviously linked with insurance covers and the insurance world in general, an area that is heavily data-driven nowadays.

This is the path that took him from Civil and Structural Engineering to AI and Data Science sector and that demonstrates how “when you’re young in your career it’s not always obvious which direction your career will take you in”.

Thus, always trust the process.

Successively, the interview examines the topics of what inspired and inspires him about working in AI and about some advice he would give to someone willing to get into the AI and Data Science sector nowadays.

It goes without saying that, being Tony an expert on the Insurance area, questions about this argument were also asked.

And a huge and intriguing debate highlighted by Tony is: “is it possible to automate decisions or do you need a combination of human intervention and automated decision making? And if you need a combination where do you draw the line?”

Eventually, an interesting discussion about the deployment of the 5G technology is addressed.

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