Upcoming Ebook: The Biggest Trends of AI and Blockchain in Finance – According to Top Fintech Experts

14 May 2020 Update: Surveying top fintech experts starts.

The purpose of this initiative is to outline the biggest trends in fintech and how AI, blockchain and exponential technologies are transforming the finance sector.

Top fintech experts are invited to provide their thought leadership to be featured in the ebook.

The ebook/report will be promoted through a number of channels, including the AI Time Journal website, mailing list, social media channels and partner fintech events and conferences worldwide.

Fintech Expert: Sign up to be Featured

We are inviting top fintech experts to share their thoughts and opinions on the current trends of AI & Blockchain in the Financial Services.

After registration, we will send you the question to be answered for you to submit your quote.

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Sponsorship Options

The ebook will feature up to five sponsors.

To learn about sponsorship opportunities, you can contact us at [email protected].

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