What is it like being an Associate Editor?

An Interview with our Associate Editor: Nisha Arya Ahmed

Question: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Nisha: I have always loved writing. It stemmed from when I was 14 years old and I enjoyed studying English Literature and Language at GCSE level. I went into writing my own book, poems along with reading books from my mother’s bookshelf, which was there just to make the house look nice. I used writing as my getaway, it was my time! I went onto pursue a career in Data Science, however, writing was still something I highly enjoyed. I came across AI Time Journal on LinkedIn and I thought this would be my point of entry. Write about what you do Nisha! What a perfect opportunity. It’s a win-win situation. 

I started to use my writing skills at AI Time Journal and began exploring my journey in the world of Data Science. AI Time Journal gave me the platform to speak on areas that I believe were important to me and others who wanted or were already in the industry. I would like to walk through my experience at AI Time Journal with you all. 

Question: What have been the highlights of your involvement as an Associate Editor at AI Time Journal? What have you learned?

Nisha: My highlight as an Associate Editor at AI Time Journal is being able to speak on matters that are important to me in my own words. Having being given a platform where you can freely speak on subjects related to Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Education. Finding a space where you can openly speak on things that are important to you is easy to find on Blogging platforms such as Medium, however, to find it within a company where you are not narrowed down to writing specific content in your unique way is not easy to come across. That would definitely be my highlight and am interested to continue providing more articles and useful content. 

I wanted to go through a journey with my entry to Data Science and help others on the way. I had done a lot of prior research on how I entered the sector and Got into Data Science along with how I chose the correct programming language for me.

Question: Which interview guests have you been most inspired by and why?

Nisha: This is a difficult question to answer. During my time at AI Time Journal, I have gone through all the Interviews along with conducting a few. Each Interviewee has provided me with such unique knowledge and advice that I cannot pinpoint one. As a female, it was very heart-warming and inspiring to see other females in the same industry as me, who are doing extremely well, excelling and stimulating others such as Kristen Kehrer, Radhika Arora, and all the other wonderful women. I would like to thank all the Interview guests for their great insight, recommendations, and advice. I have personally taken them aboard and have already ordered some recommended books and started to dive into them. 

Question: What skills have you learned?

Nisha: I started writing as a freelance so there was always room for improvement. I did not study literature at university or any online writing courses, so there was definitely a lot that I had to learn. Once I started writing for AI Time Journal, I had to be more mindful of the potential audience and how they will receive my delivery of writing. Most of my writing work has been my personal projects, books, and poems. However, my time at AI Time Journal made me realise that I cannot write articles as if it’s only contributing to me. It will be contributing to the reader. People like to say you are what you eat. I also believe that you are what you read and listen to. I had to take this concept in and make sure that the content I was putting out there is healthy as well as insightful. 

I have also seen an improvement in my research and editing skills along with my linguistic skills, being able to see my strengths as well as my flaws in writing and use these insights to improve in my next article, my next book, or my next poem. These are the building blocks on how we can better ourselves and thrive in our careers and life.

Question: What keeps you motivated?

Nisha: Having more time for yourself to do recreational activities is what motivates me and I will not be able to achieve these things without having completed my work. This will not be achieved without me having a timetable for everything. I am highly organised and I like to make sure tasks are completed at a particular time, day and month. This allows me to complete tasks efficiently giving me more time to add more to my life in the future. This can be taking up new tasks such as my goal of learning French this year. 

Question: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Nisha: I would really like to have published at least 1 or 2 books by the time I’m 30 years old. I have my eye on writing some fiction, which mimics my upbringing along with releasing some poetry. I would also like to start creating my concept on a Data Science course which I believe should help more people enter the industry without seeing the daunting Statistics or scary terminology.  The goal is to really get my work out there, network, and make some money from what I love doing!

Question: Anything you would like to say?

Nisha: I hope this has helped anyone who has ever thought about writing. If you are thinking about it, do it! If you are contemplating another industry, just give it a go. You need to take that first step before you really understand if something is for you.  If you would like to get in contact with me, connect with me on LinkedIn.

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