Why Python Programming Is Perfect For Your Kid

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Let’s start by debunking some of the other stuff you have read about Python. It is no more kid-friendly than the other popular programming languages, it is now easier to set up, and the fact you can get started a little quicker is a very pale benefit that quickly evaporates after day two of programming learning. Python is pretty good for kids who want to become programmers. Here are a few reasons why.

Try to think of teaching Python like teaching kids how to drive. Python would be like teaching kids to drive an automatic. The C languages would be like a driving stick. Java would be like motorcycle driving and Visual Basic would be like learning how to ride a kiddie bike with the stabilizers still on. 

The fact is that Python is one of the several popular programming languages. If your kid learns one of these languages, then he or she will have more options open to him or her in the future. It is the same as if you were teaching your kid a spoken language like English, Spanish, French, Chinese, or Japanese. Teaching them the popular languages is better than teaching them something that there is no demand for, like Welsh or Samburu.

Python is a Typical AI Programming Language

There is a lot of excitement about AI these days. It is probably a fad that will dissipate pretty quickly since genuine machine learning has already been mastered by online grocery store retailers. Nevertheless, the concepts (as flawed and inaccurate as it is) will probably persist into the future and Python coders will be in demand because of it.

If you want your child to work in the future AI code marketplace, then enroll them in a coding course that teaches python for kids. Try something that has an easy approach, plenty of games, learning, and testing. Try to avoid getting a coding tutor unless that person is actually sitting in the room with the student. Experience will teach you that kids will simply nod along and fake their way through an online tutor.

Improve a Child’s Critical and Logical Thinking Skills

This is true of all sorts of programming codes. You teach a kid how to understand and write code, and it helps them develop their critical and logical thinking skills. Math isn’t completely essential in order to learn to code but being exposed to math over and over again has a positive effect. Learning popular programming codes like Python will help your child’s problem-solving skills. With a little luck, it will help teach your child some efficient solutions for their problems (both in the coding world and hopefully in the real world).

Python is Pretty Futureproof

In truth, Python is a better programming code than others simply because it is still popular. Even if AI turns out to be just another trend, there is still a place in the world for Python in the future. There are plenty of programming codes that seem nice but won’t be around by the time your kid wants to start a career. However, it is important to remember that even though there are some bad programming languages (like Visual Basic), there are also other popular languages that are equally as good, as easy, and as useful as Python.

Don’t let people sucker you in with the idea that Python is easier to learn, easier to set up, and easier to do at home because none of it matters. They are all surface issues. The real question is, will this code still be in demand when my child wants to start earning money in the real world, and the answer is, “Yeah, it should still be popular for years to come.”

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