Work in AI and travel the world

If you work in the right field, lots of opportunities will come to you

Work in AI

Working a 9 to 5 job can be boring, and many young professionals wish to travel while working. Older professionals, on the other hand, are sometimes concerned their skills are getting outdated, with a higher risk of being in a job that can be automated.

By being in a booming market where you are in demand, you will be able to work on your terms, even while traveling. If you are new to AI and want to learn more about it, check out this list of AI courses for beginners.

“But I’m not a math genius!”

The opportunity is not limited to people with extensive math knowledge who wish to become a data scientist. The AI industry is growing and will be worth $1.2 trillion by 2020, which means there will be many job opportunities (besides the technical roles) for people who understand how AI is being applied in various business domains.

Getting a visa work permit is hard in many countries

Countries like US or Australia are hard to access unless you have a sponsor. In the US, even with a sponsor company it can take more than one year to get a working visa.

Moreover, countries like China are also becoming harder to access for many jobs such as English teachers (especially for non-native English speakers).

Great countries to stay and travel

Perhentian Islands, Malaysia – Driftsoul

Working remotely also solves visa problems. You can be in  convenient countries in South East Asia like Malaysia, and Thailand, and Vietnam.

We reached out to Harsha, a travel blogger based in Malaysia.

“Malaysia is a very convenient country to stay and work remotely and it’s full of great and undiscovered travel destinations”.


Work remotely and in a hot field

Enter a booming market where you are in demand, and can work on your terms, even while traveling. At this point the only problem is finding convenient places to stay and enjoy traveling. Here are some great options.

Find remote jobs easily

More and more companies are allowing remote work, which also allows you to travel. Here is a list with the top 100 companies that welcome remote work.

At the same time, AI jobs are skyrocketing. Therefore, being in the field of AI you will easily land jobs and opportunities in one of these companies. You can also check out this list of over 5000 AI startups.


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