AI Frontier Network

Propel Your AI Career & Business

The “AI Frontier Network” is a curated hub for AI thought leaders and content creators.

Established through a partnership between AI Time Journal and DrivePly, it fuels innovation and offers unrivaled networking opportunities, thanks to partnerships with top AI event and conference organizers and digital publications.

Members can benefit from staying ahead of the curve in AI, finding mentorship or team members for innovative projects, contributing content, accessing premium events for free, connecting with tech industry leaders, and more.

The network is invite-only and it’s free to join. If you know a member, please ask them for an invite code.

Why Join?

Build Deeper Relationships

The goal of the network is to help members build deeper, meaningful relationships with fellow thought leaders and content creators in the AI field.

Activate Synergistic Collaborations

Use this platform to showcase your content and projects, connect with potential collaborators, and receive tailored introductions that can accelerate your initiatives.

Access Exclusive Opportunities

Stay in the loop on AI-specific opportunities that can elevate your professional status including speaking gigs at our partner events, media features in interviews and ebooks, brand collaborations, and more.

Get Insider Information

The group aims to be at the forefront of AI initiatives, giving members access to cutting-edge knowledge and trends before they become mainstream.

How it works

Before reaching capacity of 150 members, each member receives an invite code valid for up to 5 invitations (they must use at least one to join); after 150 members, a waiting list is activated for new openings.

Founding Stage

  • The network grows to 30 members.
  • Each member receives an invite code valid for up to 5 invitations; membership confirmation requires inviting at least one member.
  • The first 20 members who invite at least three new members are recognized as “Founding Members.”

Expansion Stage

  • Discord server opens at 30 members; existing members approve new applicants.
  • The focus shifts to fostering community engagement, sharing of content, and collaboration among members.
  • The network expands from 31 to 150 members.

Synergy Stage

  • Members have access to the network’s complete range of benefits.
  • A waiting list is activated for distinguished newcomers, and inactive members may be removed to open spots.
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