AI Frontier Network

Propel Your Career & Business in the AI Era

The AI Frontier Network (AIFN) is a synergistic alliance of pioneering thinkers, entrepreneurs, researchers, corporate leaders, professionals, and creators.

Together we aim to stay ahead of the curve in the age of AI.

AIFN members are thinkers formulating groundbreaking ideas, entrepreneurs turning visionary ideas into reality, researchers conducting pivotal studies that redefine understanding, corporate leaders shaping industry trends with innovative strategies, professionals applying expert knowledge to solve complex challenges, and creators designing and developing cutting-edge products and services that redefine everyday life.

Despite their diverse roles, AIFN members have one thing in common: they are actively shaping the AI revolution.

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Confirmed Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are members who have distinguished themselves as leaders and innovators pioneering new frontiers in the age of AI, each bringing unique expertise and vision to foster growth and collaboration within the AI Frontier Network.

Jarrod Teo
Former Chief Data Scientist / Secretary General of Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Pritesh Tiwari
Founder at Data Science Wizards | LinkedIn Top Data Science Voice | Chief Data Scientist | AI Speaker
Rohit Turambekar
Principal Cloud Architect @ Microsoft | Ex-AWS | Public speaker and CTO Tech Advisor
John Mankarios
Vice President @ QInvest LLC
Manan Vasavada
CEO at AV DEVS solutions
Pranav Wadhera
Global Account Manager at IoT83 | LinkedIn Top IoT Voice
Deep Dave
Industrial IoT Specialist Lead
Sandeep Khuperkar
CEO & Founder of Data Science Wizards, Entrepreneur, Open Source Advocate
Shyam Bhojwani
CyberSecurity & Business Technology Leader | Director Business Technology, Cybersecurity at Workato
Michael Alf
Author | Deal Advisor | Speaker | High Performance Coach for Leaders

Industry Innovators in AI Time Journal Interviews

As part of our mission to help people and businesses stay ahead of the curve, we regularly conduct interviews and Q&As with industry thought leaders and influencers to identify and dissect trends, best practices, and career advice.

Thought Leaders

Brian Solis
Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce | Keynote Speaker
Kirk Borne
Chief Science Officer at DataPrime, Inc.
Spiros Margaris
Global No. 1 Fintech Influencer | VC I Advisor


Shawn Young
CEO and Co-Founder at Classcraft
Yuriy Adamchuk
Group CEO at Avenga
Dan Vahdat
CEO at Medopad
Leslie Orne
President and CEO of Trinity Life Sciences
Satish Movva
Founder and CEO at CarePredict
Walt Mayo
CEO at
Aakrit Vaish
CEO and Co-Founder of Haptik
Bhavin Shah
CEO and Founder of Moveworks
Adi Pinhas
CEO and Co-Founder of Brodmann17
Chris Ezekiel
CEO and Founder of Creative Virtual
Lars Selsas
CEO of
Dekel Gelbman
Ariel Katz
CEO and Co-Founder of H1
Manasi Vartak
Founder and CEO Verta
David Smooke
Founder & CEO at HackerNoon
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