AI Trends 2023 – According to 30+ Experts

The eBook collects insights and commentary from top industry experts who took part in our surveys and interviews.

The eBook covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • The pervasive influence of ChatGPT across diverse industries and its implications for various professional roles
  • Ethical Considerations in AI Development and Deployment
  • AI applications in healthcare, finance, transportation, and other industries
  • The Impact of AI on the Future of Work
  • The role of AI in addressing global challenges, including climate change

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Gain Insights From Top Industry Experts

  • Adit Jain
  • David Feuer
  • Suman Kanuganti
  • Jeff Mahler
  • Marc Hardgrove
  • Shanal Aggarwal
  • Greg Kostello
  • Amey Dharwadker
  • Marc Maleh
  • Samson Vowles
  • Deanna Ballew
  • Deepu Prakash
  • Chris Lu
  • Jehan Hamedi
  • Bernadette Nixon
  • Krishna Rungta
  • Amir Orad
  • Ranjay Kumar
  • Alice Rowen Hall
  • Amaete Umanah
  • Karl Robinson
  • Ovidiu Cical
  • Alexandre Robicquet
  • Jessica Higham
  • Brenton Thomas
  • Chirayu Akotiya
  • Rohit Gupta
  • Christopher Willis
  • Tomer Borenstein
  • Jim Liu
  • Jamie Irwin
  • ​Tony Fernandes
  • Maria Harutyunyan
  • Vall Herard

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