AI Trends 2024

The eBook collects insights and commentary from top industry experts who took part in our surveys and interviews.

The eBook covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Generative AI and LLMs: It highlights the revolutionary capabilities of generative AI and Large Language Models in enhancing creativity, decision-making, and personalized experiences.
  • AI Safety and Ethics: The text underscores the importance of prioritizing safety and ethical considerations in AI development to ensure responsible and risk-mitigated application.
  • Democratization of AI: By making AI more accessible, there’s a significant push toward fostering innovation, equality, and inclusivity in technology.
  • Impact on Business and Society: AI’s role in transforming industries, boosting efficiency, and driving economic growth is examined, along with its broader societal implications.
  • Essential Skills for the AI Era: The necessity for both technical proficiency in AI and critical soft skills like ethical judgment and critical thinking is emphasized.
  • Innovative Companies and Tools: The eBook identifies leading companies and innovative tools shaping the future of AI, highlighting the sector’s dynamic evolution.

Gain Insights From Top Industry Experts

  • Yuriy Adamchuk
  • Shyam Bhojwani
  • Pranav Wadhera
  • Deep Dave
  • Jarrod Teo
  • Emily Reid
  • Mark Brady
  • Michael Alf
  • Michael Borrelli
  • Tareq William Shahwan
  • Pritesh Tiwari
  • Cassandra Gucwa
  • David Regalado
  • Steve Marshall
  • Abhishek Biswas
  • Iu Ayala
  • Kent Lewis
  • Suraj Nair

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