Conversational AI: Interview with Matthew Low, Co-Founder & CMO of AiChat

Matthew Low is the Co-Founder & CMO of AiChat, a conversational AI company that provides a platform designed for brands to help them easily manage chatbots and automate business processes in customer service, sales and marketing on popular messaging apps.

This interview has been featured in the Conversational AI Initiative 2019.

What is your background and how was AiChat started?

I have been in digital marketing roles for 8 years, from in-house management to setting up my own agency which serviced prominent brands in F&B, automotive and retail. Currently, as co-founder at AiChat, I handle investor relations, marketing and sales.

AiChat’s birth was inspired by the pervasive impact of WeChat in China and how this super app replaced all other channels of interaction and transaction.

What is AiChat’s mission?

Our mission statement “From Chat to Conversion”, centres around how we aim to empower enterprises through conversational A.I. to surpass their sales and marketing objectives at scale. 

Walk us through AiChat’s products, and what problems they solve. 

Our products are broadly categorised into 3 suites: Service, Marketing and Commerce. 

Service suite creates a support environment that allows for automated conversations, human and A.I collaboration, as well as a 360 view of the customer that enables you to build better relationships with your customers. Marketing suite addresses the increasing need for personalization by providing 1:1 conversations through our easy-to-use design personalization and automation tools. Commerce Suite delivers personalized shopping experience with an automated virtual sales assistant, understanding your customer’s preferences and maximizes revenue with journey-aware product recommendations across multiple chat channels.

Most of our enterprise clients sign up for both service and marketing suites but we are seeing an increasing number of brands taking up all 3 suites – to give customers an immersive end-to-end purchase journey. Customisations are an add-on cost to these suite packages should there be additional integration or custom build needs. 

What are the biggest challenges that you are currently facing at AiChat?

Client misconceptions or prior bad experience with chatbots would top it. We had to grind through quite a bit of that a year into the business but on to year 3, we are seeing quite a shift in the market with the chat strategy taking centre stage in overall digital marketing efforts. 

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How do you measure the performance of your products?

We set measurable metrics with each client based on the primary objectives of the bots and track these against the KPI set. These are reviewed with clients on a quarterly basis to ensure key performance metrics are hit. Our bots also have an internal survey for users to rate its efficacy. 

We are seeing quite a shift in the market with the chat strategy taking centre stage in overall digital marketing efforts.

Tell us about the AiChat team.

We are a team of seasoned digital marketing professionals from the renowned WPP group with around 10 years of experience in roles from backend to front end servicing – with the newest entry being an ex-Adobe Regional Sales Director who has joined us as Head of Growth. We currently have 21 pax across Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Beyond the team, we have been fortunate to have a stellar group of private investors on board with us from the giants in our space, Salesforce, ServiceNow and Adobe. 

How can enterprises get started with their conversational ai strategy?

3 simple steps to kickstart an enterprise conversational AI journey:

  • Consolidate channels, touchpoints and customer interaction content. 
  • Identify key pain points and opportunities in customer communication.
  • Work with an enterprise partner like AiChat to design customer chat journey and phasal implementation of fuller AI strategy.

How can enterprises prepare for the changes in the industry brought by Conversational AI technology?

Start a chat strategy powered by AI.

What are the biggest opportunities for enterprises to leverage Conversational AI?

Personalization of customer journeys, reducing lead capturing slippages and scaling your sales conversion are definitely the most impactful ones. 

Which Conversational AI-related technology trend do you think will have the biggest impact in your industry in the coming years?

Conversational Commerce will definitely have the greatest impact with the end-to-end online shopping experience within a few chats – personalised to each customer’s buying journey and patterns.

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