Cybersecurity Trends 2023

The eBook serves as an invaluable guide for staying ahead of the curve. It collects insights and commentary from top industry experts who took part in our surveys and interviews.

It covers a wide range of critical subjects, including:

  • AI and ML Integration: AI and machine learning are integral to cybersecurity, presenting challenges around ethics and regulation.
  • IoT and Cybercrime Risks: IoT amplifies cyber threats, with AI used to bolster security, particularly in facial recognition and language processing.
  • Diverse Cyber Threats: Various threats like ransomware, cloud jacking, and mobile attacks underscore the need for robust cybersecurity measures.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): MFA is crucial to enhance security against cyberattacks.
  • Zero Trust Security: The adoption of the zero trust model is rising as organizations move away from traditional perimeter defenses, emphasizing trust verification for all network components.

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Gain Insights From Top Industry Experts

  • Kārlis Pots
  • Ron Sharon
  • Farhan Siraj
  • Daniel Sjöström
  • Jason Toy
  • Joshua Spencer
  • Bobby Cornwell
  • Oleg Shumar
  • Jason Stockinger
  • Gregory Hoffer
  • Blair Cohen
  • Tom Ricoy
  • Alan Bavosa
  • Chris Hale
  • Christen Costa
  • Mark Stamford
  • Zach Varnell
  • Henri Hubert
  • Juliana Spofford
  • Vladislav Bilay
  • Ranee Zhang
  • Harman Singh
  • Andrew Chen
  • Vincent Zhu

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