5 Ways AI is Helping HR to Build Company Culture in the Digital Workplace

Company culture is an essential element for an organization to attract new employees, cultivate employees’ loyalty, get a reputation from outside, and realize sustainable development in the long run. For one thing, the company culture helps to shape the attitudes of employees and build the standards for their behaviors.

For another, it delivers the cultural value of the company, which can impress the public and distinguish itself from other competitors.  

However, building a high-valued company culture is never an easy feat, especially during a pandemic. As many companies started working remotely and transforming the workplace online, the new online workflow creates difficulties for the HR department to build a successful company culture. 

Well, it’s time for AI to come into play. Nowadays, AI-powered software, such as Asana, Slack, and Mircosoft Teams, builds a popular digital workplace that is widely accepted by millions of companies. With the help of technology, the company culture breaks the limitation of time and long distance and realizes the goal of connecting everyone as a team, no matter where you are. The following article will introduce 5 functions that AI-powered software provides for the HR team to build a company culture in the digital workplace


Inquiries are always good assistants for HR people since they can help HR employees understand what employees are going through and what they think about their daily job. Customized inquiries can be related to various aspects, such as reflections on professional work, challenges of co-worker interaction, and difficulties in personal lives. All these inquiries help the HR participants to build a general idea of what employees and the company as a whole are going through. In this way, the HR department can discover the problems in time and generate strategies to fix them, or even foresee future challenges in advance

Moreover, the AI-powered software can also automatically collect, analyze, and categorize the employees’ feedback into reports or graphics which describe the issues more concisely for HR participants. Moreover, the results of inquiries are also perfect sources to generate answers for Q&A, providing general guidance for employees’ working life.  

Fun Question Polls

Work-irrelevant engagements are as significant as professional communications when building the company culture. Engaging in off-topic chats can help employees to relieve themselves from stress and heavy workload, charge their batteries, and gain higher productivity. Simple Poll is an AI-powered software that collaborates with Slack, and it is a good example of how HR uses fun question polls to build the company culture.    

Using fun question polls is a good way to cultivate a relaxed working environment and build an interesting company culture. The polls are usually easy to participate in, such as doing the multiple-choice and acting as a good start for follow-up chattings. With fun question polls, employees can quickly relax their minds and have fun without taking up too much working time

Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings are not only the key for companies that work hybrid and remotely, but also necessary for HR employees to communicate with other team members directly. Scheduling periodical meetings with team members is a basic task for every HR employee. Seeing each other’s faces, even though on a screen, will help both sides achieve more efficient communication and capture information and emotions more accurately. In this way, HR’s job can become more caring and more likely to connect everyone as a team. 

Also, most AI-based software that provides the virtual meeting function usually collaborates with automatic calendars, such as Google Meet and Google Calendar. This perfect combination will help employees to schedule meetings more reasonably and remind them to avoid missing any of the meetings. 

In-time Chatting

Another useful function provided by AI-powered software is in-time chatting. It allows HR employees to communicate with other team members directly at any time they need. When there is an urgent crisis or a problem that needs to be solved immediately, in-time chatting will prove its significance.

Apart from that, in-time chatting can happen just between two people, which creates a private space for employees to speak out about the challenges they meet when dealing with interpersonal relationships with co-workers. 

Company Accomplishments Sharing

Cultivating employees’ loyalty is an important part of creating the company culture. One way to realize that is by making sure employees acknowledge the company’s achievements. Thus, most AI-powered working software makes sure they have the function of company accomplishments sharing.

For instance, Asana makes all tasks visible to other employees who are on the same team, and HRs or other team members can frequently share the new productive outcomes of the company in the communication channel. With this function, employees can be more clear about the whole picture of the company and then enhance their loyalty as a result. 

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