Neurosnap Unveils Next-Generation Biology Suite Empowering Scientists Worldwide

As Demand For AI-Accelerated Biological Research Increases, Neurosnap’s Revolutionary Platform Offers 2024-Era Performance And Versatility

Wilmington, Delaware — Neurosnap, the advanced bioinformatics platform trusted by labs at over 960 institutions across 50 countries, today announces the launch of its groundbreaking 2nd Generation Biology Suite, revolutionizing molecular biology research with more than 45 innovative AI-based tools designed to simplify complex scientific endeavors. Key changes include the addition of over 10 new open-source machine learning algorithms specially designed to accelerate safe and efficient research in molecular biology and drug discovery, as well as optimizations that improve accuracy and reduce prediction time.

Neurosnap fuses cutting-edge artificial intelligence (‘A.I.’) technology with biomolecular research, advancing scientific discoveries while removing past barriers to world-class bioinformatics-driven breakthroughs.

By addressing intricate processes like protein folding, molecular docking, protein and antibody design, and enzyme optimization, crucial for drug discovery and synthetic biology in the modern age, Neurosnap empowers researchers to achieve breakthroughs faster and more efficiently than ever before.

“Our mission is to accelerate scientific discovery by providing intuitive, user-friendly solutions that streamline research processes and drive innovation,” stated Keaun Amani, CEO and Founder of Neurosnap. 

The Neurosnap 2nd Generation Biology Suite offers scientists access to next-generation tools such as AlphaFold, RoseTTAFold All Atom, Gromacs for Molecular Dynamics, and more. An enhanced version of the AlphaFold algorithm boasts improved Multiple Sequence Alignment (MSA) quality, sampling, and additional metrics for assessing prediction uncertainty. 

“The tools provided by the Neurosnap platform have enabled us to scale our protein design efforts while saving time and resources, as we can quickly test in silico multiple hypotheses, and select the best ones for experimental validation,” added Raphael Rozenfeld, Co-founder and CEO at Wrench Bio, a startup looking to disrupt next-generation biologics for cancer immunotherapy.

“The Neurosnap platform’s robust toolset and the sheer ease of use of our resources make us not just complimentary to, but a critical component to the research pipelines of over 8,000 scientists across 2,000 institutions worldwide. We look forward to emboldening the exchange of knowledge, ultimately to the benefit of the global scientific and medical community for years to come,” Amani concluded.

About Neurosnap:

Neurosnap is a pioneering bioinformatics enterprise powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence (‘A.I.’) dedicated to empowering scientists with the necessary tools and technologies to accelerate scientific discovery. 

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