The AI Time Journal TOP 25 Initiative

Last update: November 13th, 2018

Purpose of the Initiative

The mission of AI Time Journal is to divulge knowledge and information about changes, advancements and opportunities brought by Artificial Intelligence.

In the last year, we noticed that many AI companies have a really strong technical team and strong product, but they are often not able to achieve the sales volume and meet their revenue goals.

On the other hand, there are many other companies selling their work as an AI product, just because AI is hot, when oftentimes what they are really doing is using simple APIs without actually developing innovating AI.

AI companies that are focused on creating value with real AI solutions are often not able to focus enough on the marketing side and drive the revenue results they wish.

The purpose of tdhe TOP 25 Initiative is to give recognition and showcase AI companies who develop real AI products for their contribution in 2018.

Evaluation Committee

Peter Molnar
Data Scientist @ Amazon
Alvin Foo
Managing Director @ Reprise Digital
Rayssa Küllian
Artificial Intelligence Specialty Leader for Latin America @ Amazon Web Services
Giacomo Mariotti
Founder & CEO @ Alpha-i
Vinod Sharma
CTO @ Econet Wireless
Jean-Michel Coeur
Senior Big Data Consultant @ Amazon Web Services
Eric Schles
Data Scientist @ Microsoft
Yashas Bharadwaj
Data Scientist @ Amazon


How it works

AI companies
apply and deposit

AI companies apply and deposit €4500 into secure escrow account at

The TOP 25
is announced

The Evaluation Committee elects the TOP 25, which is announced on Dec 10th, 2018

Money back for
non-TOP25 companies

AI companies NOT elected in the TOP 25 receive their money back.


1) How do companies benefit from being elected in the TOP 25?

The main goal of the TOP 25 Initiative is to help AI companies strengthen the trust and authority of their brand, which is why the TOP 25 is elected by a prestigious committee. The benefits of added trust for the brand of the companies elected in the TOP 25 are listed as follows:

  1. Close deals to drive revenue, increase your conversion rates, and get responses when you reach out to new prospects
  2. Attract better investors, get better terms to retain more ownership of the company
  3. Increase employee morale
  4. Unlock powerful partnerships

2) Why should my company apply?

Because it’s a risk-free opportunity to enjoy the benefits listed for FAQ 1.

3) Why is this a risk-free opportunity?

Because all the companies that will not be elected in the TOP 25 will receive their money back, so AI companies that apply will either enjoy the benefits listed for FAQ 1, or get their money back.

4) How is it guaranteed that companies not elected in the TOP 25 will receive their money back?

This is guaranteed by using an escrow transaction through, the biggest and most trusted online escrow transaction system. The escrow transaction that AI companies agree on when they apply, clearly states their money will return to them unless they are elected in the TOP 25.

Applications:  OPEN

Last update: November 14th – 00:00 GMT

AI Time Journal: Our Values

Establish Trustworthy Initiatives

Prestigious Evaluation Committee for the TOP 25 Initiative.
Collaborations with Universities and private organisations.

Give Recognition to & Showcase AI Companies

The purpose of the TOP 25 Initiative is to give recognition and showcase AI companies who develop real AI products for their contribution in 2018.

Establish Win-Win Partnerships

TOP 25: as explained above, applying is a risk-free opportunity so that all parties win.
We also start and engage in open source projects.

Get in touch:
+44 20 8144 9908


The opportunities for different types of sponsors are listed as follows:

Cloud Computing Providers

AI solution providers that participate in the TOP 25 Initiative are ideal customers for cloud computing providers because of the SaaS nature of their business and potential for growth.

Cloud computing providers can be featured by providing prizes such as cloud computing credit for the winning companies.

Venture Capital Firms

Venture capitalist firms can benefit by sponsoring the TOP 25 Initiative providing prices for the winning companies, while gaining positive exposure to promising and growing  companies in AI.

Media Outlets

Media outlets can be featured as Media Partners by promoting the TOP 25 Initiative and its results after the TOP 25 is announced.


Sponsorship proposals:
+44 20 8144 9908