Taylor Strouss

Taylor graduated from Arizona State University with her Bachelor's degree in Business Communications. She is passionate about human interaction and relationship science and how AI is furthering research in these fields.

Wix Vs Squarespace: No-Code Website Development Platform Comparison

Website builders have revolutionized the way individuals and small businesses create and maintain their online presence. They provide a convenient and user-friendly solution for those looking to establish a professional-looking website without coding or web-design experience.  If you’re looking for more flexibility and control over your hosting, you may want to consider reseller hosting or

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Best Content Creation Courses (2024)

Creating high-quality content is essential for businesses and individuals looking to establish themselves in today’s digital landscape. Whether it’s through blog posts, social media, or video production, having a solid understanding of how to create and distribute engaging content can be the key to success. Content creation is vital to brand awareness and search engine

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Top UX/UI Design Tools to Watch in 2023

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, the demand for intuitive and user-friendly designs in software and applications only grows stronger. As a result, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designers are constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest tools to help them create the best possible user experiences.  There

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Best Career Development Courses (2024)

Personal and professional growth is a life-long process that requires continual work. No matter what part of your professional journey you’re on, chances are that you can benefit from career development skills and techniques.  Many companies look for employees who not only have the hard technical skills required to complete a job but also the

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Top 3D Printing Companies to Watch in 2023

3-Dimensional printing, also known as “additive manufacturing”, is the process of creating three-dimensional objects from a digital file blueprint. A computer analyzes the blueprint file and constructs the physical copy by a process of printing layer by layer until the object has been replicated. 3D printing has many benefits. For instance, fewer materials are used

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