6 Benefits of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Are you wondering whether or not to invest in a laboratory information management system? With advancements in technology and medication becoming more evidence-based, laboratories are shifting from human-centered systems to automated lab systems to ensure accurate results. Read on for six benefits of laboratory information management systems.

Streamlined Workflow

The laboratory information management system features task management and completion monitoring, which accelerates workflow in your organization. With a LIMS, duties are assigned automatically to relevant staff, samples are monitored throughout the cycle, and the status of every task is tracked. The program also enables instant alerts. This helps cut the operating expenditure and speed up internal lab processes.

Improved Efficiency

One of the most significant advantages of laboratory information management systems is enhanced laboratory and operational efficiency. LIMS automates laboratory operations allowing your facility to go paperless, which ensures data integrity and increases output. 

A laboratory information management system can retrieve information and eliminate false reporting and data loss. LIMS also deters you from using uncalibrated and outdated devices for analytical testing, which improves your test results quality and ensures accuracy. You eliminate manual processes, minimizing the turnaround time. This frees up your staff’s time to focus on the organization’s core tasks.

Elimination of Human Errors

No matter how diligent or focused a lab worker is, they could still make errors when manually measuring, sampling details, or transcribing readings. The more the data to be captured, the higher the chances of making mistakes, which leads to inaccurate and less meaningful results. The laboratory management system integrates with your facility’s instruments and captures data automatically and accurately. Even when you have to record observations manually, LIMS enables results to be visible to every department and can be checked and verified when necessary.

Supports Regulatory Compliance

The laboratory information management system helps your organization and staff to comply with government and agency regulations and quality requirements. For instance, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) demands an audit trail to help track all lab activities. These activities must be tracked whenever the organization creates, modifies, or deletes a record. The laboratory information management system helps maintain a read-only audit trail to help you comply with the FDA regulatory guidelines. It automatically records all lab activities in real-time.

The laboratory information management system also helps your organization comply with 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines by exploiting electronic signatures to authenticate critical laboratory activities. Other regulatory standards LIMS enables you to comply with include HIPAA, Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP), ISO/IEC 17025:2017, Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA), ISO 15189, EU GDPR, Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), and ISO 20387.

Helps Track Inventory

The lack or shortage of equipment and drugs often results in the inability to conduct experiments and other laboratory tasks. The laboratory information management system optimizes the tracking of supplies necessary in the lab. This ascertains that the required inventory is purchased on time while upholding the set requirements.

Increased Revenue

A modern laboratory information management system comes with management information software that provides inventory and operational tests and reports in distinct formats. It also helps you analyze trends and make accurate projections, increasing your organization’s revenue.


A laboratory management system is your secret to streamlined workflow, reduced human error, improved efficiency, and increased revenue. Are you ready to start thinking about choosing a LIMS for your organization? 

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