Best Content Marketing Courses 2024

The demand for content marketing skills has never been higher and more profitable, which makes it prime time to learn these skills. 

The courses mentioned below are helpful for professionals looking forward to upgrading their skills and learning how to showcase their portfolio of experiences with content marketing. 

Content Marketing can be beneficial for every industry as all businesses need to market their products to be profitable. Employees with such skillets therefore will have improved chances of landing a job in their desired company and industry. 

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This article provides a guideline for anyone interested in starting Online Content Marketing courses. All the mentioned courses are available on Coursera

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Reviews of the best content marketing courses

Small Business Marketing Using YouTube

Small Business Marketing Using YouTube, instructed by Julia Arteno and from Coursera is an excellent starter for anyone seeking to take their business online while collaborating with YouTube. 

This one-hour course is beginner friendly and focuses mostly on how to optimize the digital aspects of a small business within the sea of information on YouTube. 

Students especially were content with the succinct and engaging nature of the course. This is a near-perfection course for small business operators in a hurry. 

The Strategy of Content Marketing

The Strategy of Content Marketing is taught by Sonia Simone and offered by a partnership between the University of California, Davis, and Copyblogger. 

This Coursera course predominantly focuses on strategies that businesses and professionals can implement to build a solid profitable consumer base. It also teaches how businesses can mechanize compelling stories to sync with their brand, to build a competitive presence in the media world. 

This course is beginner-friendly while being rigorous with assignments, reference papers, and quizzes. Learners can be assured to receive a well-rounded education, which they can also add to their portfolio as certification is available for a fee. 

Creative Writing Specialization

Creative writing is one of the most dreaded tasks for any professional, be it in the form of frequent writer’s block or lack of creativity. 

Creative Writing Specialization of Coursera, offered by Wesleyan University, is the perfect starter for anyone wanting to specialize in short stories, narrative stories, and memoir writing. The program is designed in such a way that there’s a new lesson for everyone, from seasoned writers to hobbyists. 

This program is 4 courses long and completely online, with an end-of-the-term hands-on project and regular coursework, providing writers with an all-encompassing education. Enrollees were especially satisfied with the focus of the program on crafting compelling plots, characters, and prose. 

Social Media Marketing Specialization

Social Media Marketing Specialization, taught by Randy Hlavac and offered by Northwestern University, is a pristine example of a program backed by statistics. This program is updated every quarter, to deliver the most up-to-date training for aspiring social media influencers and businesses. 

Coursera Specialisation course allows students to not only learn, but also implement their learnings on real-life projects which makes them more prepared for the job market. 

According to consumers, this course has allowed them to become more familiar with media toolkits and how to enhance those features for a profitable virtual presence. With shareable certification and a flexible routine, this program is a must-learn for professionals/businesses looking forward to expanding in social media

Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate

Meta sponsored Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate, taught by Anke Audenaert and Daniel Kob, is an industry-specific course designed to provide learners with elemental strategies on how to navigate social media platforms to support a consumer base and how to craft influential advertisements that reflect while maintaining a brand’s image. 

As this program is on behalf of Meta, the most transformational Social Media giant of this time, learners can be confident in learning the inner workings of Social Media platforms and how to interact with them for one’s progression. 

This six-week course along with certification, coursework, and examination, this program allows learners to access the Meta Career Programs Jobs Board to land their first job. 

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