Top NFT Marketplaces To Watch in 2024

NFTs are the newest fad within the technology and crypto world. A non-fungible token (NFT) is a record on a blockchain that is associated with a physical or digital asset. This can include anything from original art pieces to audio files, and even tweets.

For those interested in this new transaction revolution, there needs to be a place that holds these assets and showcases them for buying and selling. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best NFT marketplaces on the web. 

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Here are the top NFT marketplaces to watch this year:


Take advantage of one of the best NFT marketplaces out there with OpenSea’s great online platform. With over 80 million NFTs to browse, this platform remains the largest general marketplace for user-owned digital items.

OpenSea takes advantage of ​​open protocols such as Ethereum along with interoperable standards like ERC-721 and ERC-1155 to drive their fantastic marketplace. Whether it is domain names, art pieces, and even virtual worlds for users to choose from, OpenSea has accumulated over $20 billion with its platform, which makes this company one to watch for in the near future. 


Managing and growing your NFT portfolio has never been easier with the help of Rarible’s all-encompassing online marketplace. Rarible is an online platform where users can buy, mint, and sell NFTs on multiple blockchains.

This company is extremely versatile, giving users the option to choose from Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Flow, and Tezos blockchains to aid in their selling and purchasing. In addition, this company provides a simple-to-use mobile application to keep track of their portfolios. With many NFTs and collectibles to choose from, Rarible will undoubtedly take off in the industry. 


For the sports fans out there, DraftKings has many interesting features to offer users. This company is most notably an American fantasy sports contest and sports betting platform, which has recently impacted the NFT community.

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With the introduction of DraftKings Marketplace, users can access and purchase new weekly NFT drops and exclusive content from top athletes and celebrities. This marketplace is completely safe and secure and allows users to easily add funds to their accounts via credit card. For more sports-related content, DraftKings is a company to try out. 

Magic Eden

The next generation of digital creators needs a great platform to promote their works, which is precisely what Magic Eden provides. With this web3 platform, users can buy, mint, and sell NFTs with great ease. 

Magic Eden currently holds over 90% of the market share for secondary trading volume on specific Blockchains, as well as a majority on others. Additionally, this platform offers minting capabilities without hassle, with dedicated support members helping along the way. With over 22 million unique monthly visitors to the site, it’s safe to say that Magic Eden is a force within the NFT space. 


For creative digital artists and many others worldwide, Foundation is a go-to solution to showcase various works. This platform allows individuals to create, collect, and sell NFTs with their wonderful marketplace.

With Foundation, users can access many unique features, such as implementing split sales, which allows the ability of creative collaborators to receive a percentage of the overall sale on an NFT. In addition, creators can earn a 10% royalty on all secondary sales. With many more exciting features to choose from, Foundation should be a company on everyone’s radar. 


Making its way into the evergrowing industry of NFT marketplaces, MoonSwap is an exciting service for those to platform their digital works. With this company, users can access their wallets, exchange tokens, and visualize analytics, all with ease. 

What sets MoonSwap apart from the other NFT marketplaces is that it promotes complete fairness, providing an open platform with no pre-mining involved. In addition, the company does not participate in VC fundraising, only directly driven by the community. Having $1.3 million in liquidity, MoonSwap is a fantastic company with incredible features.


AtomicHub is considered the leading high-scale NFT platform, which is evident upon further exploring its unique features. This company allows users to sell and browse through various collections and roughly 310.2 million NFTs.

For creators, AtomicHub offers the ability to choose your price and set NFTs up in its auction feature. In addition, this company considers itself eco-friendly, and users do not have to pay any gas fees for their purchases. With many IPs teaming up with AtomicHub, like Hasbro and DC, it’s clear that this company offers some of the best features in the NFT world. 

The Musician Marketplace

This marketplace is unique amongst the rest, with its services catering specifically to musicians worldwide. The Musician Marketplace is an incredible way to sell and buy musical services on the blockchain.

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All sellers on the website receive 100% of their earnings after purchase. In addition, it does not charge any additional percentage fees, only a fixed-subscription price. Whether it’s music lessons or ready-to-use tracks, The Music Marketplace is the best place for whatever music services you need. 


For the most unique art pieces on the web, choosing SuperRare as your marketplace is essential. SuperRare is an NFT marketplace for collecting and trading authentic single-edition digital artworks from your favorite artists.

This marketplace is a peer-to-peer online platform (ERC-721 NFTs) built entirely on Ethereum. In addition, there is no transaction fee or commission on primary sales For artworks with a token ID lower than 4,000. For the most unique NFTs on the market, choose SuperRare as your platform to grow your portfolio.


For one of the best marketplaces on the internet, Mintable provides all the best digital goods to users. Built entirely on Ethereum, Mintable is considered “the most comprehensive digital file marketplace built on the decentralized Web.”

This company’s services are incredible, such as users easily converting any digital file (JPG, MPEG, or MP4) into an NFT. In addition, the platform allows content creators to monetize their brand with no initial crypto required. If you haven’t heard of Mintable, giving it a try would not be a mistake.

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