10 Fraud Detection Companies To Watch in 2024

Fraud detection is a method that involves looking for signs of fraud that suggest more investigation is needed.

Fraudsters use procedural flaws to steal money, just like malware does to get into a computer. So, just like you need to set up a security system to stop malware from destroying your business, you also need to buy software that can spot fraud. For this reason, many companies help organizations to cope with fraud detection.

These companies help organizations detect, prevent, and respond to fraud by providing innovative technologies, software, and services to identify and combat fraudulent activities. They specialize in providing fraud detection and prevention solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of the customer. They have different methods such as analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to detect suspicious patterns, behaviors, and alert customers of potential fraud.

This post will review the top fraud detection companies this year, explaining the various features and benefits of each option, and it will provide you with some fundamental knowledge that will assist you in simplifying the decision-making process.

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Signifyd addresses the issues that growing e-commerce businesses regularly face, such as billions of dollars in chargebacks and customer dissatisfaction from incorrect declines.

Signifyd is a cloud-based fraud detection software system accessible via a proprietary API. With the help of big data and machine intelligence, Signifyd can offer a full money-back guarantee on all accepted orders, protecting them from fraud and chargebacks.

Using Signifyd comes with several benefits, including the following:

  • Support from a market leader.
  • Extensions and plug-in modules are easy to install.
  • Reasonable API access for ERP clients who need to change the service.
  • Positive feedback from B2B clients.
  • Guarantees for receiving your money back when you dispute a charge.

We believe that is a great tool for online stores with all these advantages.


As we use Apple Pay and save our important login passwords for banks and other places on our phones, we are protecting them from hackers and fraud. Cyber intelligence and transaction laundering detection and prevention are two of the services that EverC excels at providing.

EverCompliant can detect and prevent transaction laundering activities from entering the payment ecosystem using cyber risk intelligence techniques.

The system identifies related and unreported mobile applications, URLs, and payment environments, as well as tools for ongoing risk management. Businesses may be checked and kept tabs on thanks to this system, which operates on the assumption that all relevant information, including customer records, research findings, and blacklists, is stored and accessed in a central online database.

Acquiring banks, payment processors, and others are all potential clients for EverCompliant.


Riskified is a public company that makes software as a service (SaaS) for preventing fraud and chargebacks. Also, it offers fraud protection for enterprise online retail with guaranteed higher approval rates, instant decisions, and full chargeback protection.

Software as a service (SaaS) delivers applications over the Internet. How does merchandise relate to Riskified?

Risk-based technology and fraud evaluation procedures :

  • Collects and analyzes enormous volumes of data using proprietary technology to provide the most accurate real-time order selection.
  • Award-winning behavioral analysis models enable the ability to detect e-commerce fraud and identify good customers.
  • Order data is automatically enhanced using Riskified’s in-house resources, social media networks, and third-party databases.

While customers are shopping online, the fraud review process occurs after gateway authorization and is completely invisible to your end customers, ensuring no disruption to their shopping experience.


To ensure high approval rates and smooth checkout, the system is set up to assume that all orders are true until proven otherwise. Forter excels at relieving users of hard tasks. It’s reassuring to know that their technology can identify resellers and other potential fraud concerns, making our business and our customers safer.

Forter’s machine learning technologypowerful cyber intelligence, behavioral analysis, and identity verification come together to provide a powerful fraud detection system.

Fraud prevention is invisible to buyers and empowers businesses with increased approvals, a smoother checkout, and nearly no false positives, resulting in more sales and happier customers.

Overall, it’s easy to navigate, simple, and reliable for customers and businesses.


Feedzai was founded and developed by data scientists and aerospace engineers to secure banking and commerce. Feedzai’s fraud prevention and anti-money laundering tools are utilized by the world’s leading banks, processors, and retailers to control risk and enhance the customer experience.

Feedzai is a cloud-based risk management platform that uses AI and machine learning to detect cyber dangers across financial transactions and accounts.

Some benefits to keep in mind:

  • Eliminate vulnerabilities with thin-file or cold-start clients.
  • Remove more legitimate consumers and detect more fraud.
  • Increase the size of your existing network.

It executes transactions quickly via third-party connections and manages numerous data inputs. Feedzai can handle any fraud problem due to its adaptability.


Using the most powerful AI technology, Fraugster provides online retailers with outsourced and in-house fraud protection services. Fraugster’s core consists of an AI engine. It provides scoring and judgment for each incoming transaction in real time.

What are the steps involved in the Fraugster process:

  • The purchase is through an online platform as part of a transaction.
  • Data Collection – Each piece of information is sent to the Fraugster AI engine. REST API is a great example of this.
  • Data Enrichment – enrich every transaction data using proprietary algorithms.
  • Fraugster AI Engine translates into clear behavioral patterns.
  • The decision process is in real-time.

The machine learning technology used by Fraugster can quickly adapt to new situations, and it can be easily expanded.


With the same cyber power, speed, stealth, reach, and proficiency as the most advanced worldwide fraud network, FraudNet is a 24/7 international rapid deployment force that opens the vault of bank secrecy and helps victims discover and reclaim their stolen assets.

Because it can safeguard both smaller companies and larger enterprises against fraud activity, this system is employed by organizations of all sizes.

Here are some of the many fields that make use of this service :

Not only does it protect businesses, but it also helps them grow by letting up to 100 team members access the Fraud.net case management and analytics portals.


Accertify is a leading provider of fraud preventiondigital identitydevice intelligencechargeback management, and payment gateway solutions to customers in a wide range of industries around the world.

Among the Features of Accertify Are :

  • Digital identity: This subsystem makes sure that trusted users’ digital identities are safe.
  • Chargeback management: It tracks system activities in real-time and provides thorough reporting.
  • Device intelligence: This capability analyzes all network devices for dangerous apps.
  • SCA optimization: It uses tools based on machine learning to protect your customers by constantly looking for and stopping attempts at fraud.

All sorts of helpful professional services are available from Accertify.

SEON. Fraud Fighters

False accounts on social media can be unsettling and even hazardous, despite the benefits of the platforms for connecting with others and saving time. Organizations can save money and resources by using SEON Fraud Prevention tools to cut down on fraud, such as:

  • Find fake accounts.
  • Cut down on manual reviews.
  • Reduce chargebacks.

Through its services, SEON helps its clients locate fraud patterns and develop fresh revenue channels. You can see and manage every interaction, order, account, transaction, and opportunity with the use of AI and machine learning’s intelligent risk analysis.

In addition, it offers tools that might assist users in understanding and making use of the software.


Sift is a piece of software designed to prevent fraud and other forms of online abuse, and it does so from the convenience of a centralized control panel. The software is powered by sophisticated machine learning algorithms, which give it the intelligence necessary to identify and prevent fraudulent activity before it may harm your company.

Additionally, Sift provides three different bundles that add an extra layer of protection:

  • Payment Protection reduces chargebacks and protects online transactions against fraud.
  • Content Integrity keeps people from breaking the terms of service or posting spam.
  • Account Defense prevents bots and scripts from accessing false accounts.

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