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Welcome to the AI Time Journal Innovators Hub, where we shine a spotlight on the brilliant minds shaping the future of artificial intelligence, business, and the world. These visionaries, experts, and innovators have shared their invaluable insights, experiences, and perspectives with us in exclusive interviews. Explore their stories, ideas, and groundbreaking work as we dive deep into the world of AI innovation.

Brian Solis
Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce | Keynote Speaker
Walt Mayo
CEO at
Kirk Borne
Chief Science Officer at DataPrime, Inc.
Spiros Margaris
Global No. 1 Fintech Influencer | VC I Advisor
Michael Campbell
Founder and CEO at GLossika
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Shawn Young
CEO and Co-Founder at Classcraft
Dan Vahdat
CEO at Medopad
Satish Movva
Founder and CEO at CarePredict
Lars Selsas
CEO of
Aakrit Vaish
CEO and Co-Founder of Haptik
Adi Pinhas
CEO and Co-Founder of Brodmann17
Chris Ezekiel
CEO and Founder of Creative Virtual
Dekel Gelbman
Manasi Vartak
Founder and CEO Verta
Susan Walsh
Founder of The Classification Guru
Kate Strachnyi
Founder of DATAcated
Thom Ives
Founder of Integrated Machine Learning & AI
Andrew Jones
Gregory Piatetsky
Founder of KDnuggets
Miguel Fierro
Principal Data Scientist Manager at Microsoft
Carlos Escapa
Data AI/ML Global Practice Lead at AWS
Abhishek Thakur
Chief Data Scientist
Rohan Rao
Quadruple Kaggle Grandmaster
Otkrist Gupta
VP of Research and Development, Lendbuzz
Ganna Pogrebna
Lead for Behavioral Data Science, Alan Turing Institute
Piyanka Jain
President and CEO at Aryng
Denis Rothman
Artificial Intelligence Expert
Kristen Kehrer
Founder at Data moves me
Heather Wentworth
Chief Data Officer at Accelerant Holdings
Gilbert Eijkelenboom
Founder at Mindspeaking
Sreekanth Mallikarjun
Chief Data Scientist at Reorg
Bob Bress
Head of Data Science at Freewheel
Arto Bendiken
Co-Founder and CTO at Haltia.AI

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