Aligned unveils AI co-pilot to redefine the B2B buyer-seller dynamic

Upgrading its buyer-first sales platform, Aligned AI Suite sets a new benchmark for selling effectiveness, delivering a comprehensive suite of tools to help sales teams bridge gaps and attain new levels of customer experience and impact.

Tel Aviv, IsraelApril 2024—Aligned, the customer collaboration platform, simplifies buyer-vendor workflows from start to post-sale, unveils two AI features to elevate sales processes and customer success. Built to accommodate the rising movement of buyer enablement in B2B sales, the Aligned AI Suite enhances deal closure rates by assisting sales teams in delivering an elevated buyer experience—strengthening and supporting internal advocates and buying groups in their purchasing process.

Until the imperial era of SaaS came to a halt in 2022, businesses embraced a sales-centric approach typically involving an army of sellers resorting to depersonalized, formulaic sales tactics to close deals. As buyers gain more autonomy, they tend to gravitate towards self-service options, sidelining sellers that bring limited input or value to their purchasing journey. A 2022 Gartner survey shows that 75 percent of buyers now favor self-service tools as they have almost all the necessary information to make purchasing decisions independently. This means that sales teams need new tools to provide tangible added value or knowledge to keep deals on track and adapt effectively to the new buyer-led sales landscape.

Aligned’s new AI capabilities pave the way for sellers to track and win deals, even when they’re not in the room. By harnessing the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), Aligned AI Suite makes complex sale processes more navigable for sellers and buyers alike.

Advanced data analytics closely monitor the buyer-seller journey within Aligned’s customer-facing workspace. This includes how buyers interact with shared resources and salespeople, while also tracking additional details that the vendor provides. With merely 5 percent of a buyer’s journey involving direct interaction with the seller, the tools ensure buyers are armed with resources to make informed decisions easily and confidently. The AI Suite includes features to help sales teams better influence the end-to-end buyer journey and track “behind-the-scenes” buying signals to sell smarter. 

The two new AI features retain Aligned’s core offerings of simplifying the buyer-vendor workflow, while enhanced AI elements augment collaboration and deal cycles. These enhancements include:

  • AI-Assist: Acts as a buyer’s co-pilot, answering inquiries within Aligned Digital Sales rooms based on shared data—enhancing the buying experience while increasing engagement. Addressing the pain points of being “ghosted” and having minimal influence in the sales process, this feature allows sellers to guide the buyer’s journey without being overbearing. By intelligently sorting and organizing data, buyers have seamless access to crucial information tailored to their specific needs and stages in the buying process.  
  • AI-Insights: This tool provides smart deal analysis, leveraging data from interactions within Aligned rooms, emails, CRM data, and self-service interactions. It enhances deal management and forecasting, aligning with the shift toward data-driven sales by analyzing unseen aspects of the buying process. 

By focusing on the buyer’s needs, Aligned’s AI Suite taps into the evolving landscape of B2B sales—reorienting its strategies to foster more positive outcomes for sales teams and buyers alike.

“We are thrilled to launch Aligned AI Suite, a set of innovative tools that will be a powerful first-ever co-pilot that serves both buyers and sellers,” says Gal Deitsch, CPO and Co-Founder of Aligned. “The truth is that most buyers’ journeys unfold independently with minimal involvement from sellers. Recognizing this reality, our goal is to seamlessly integrate advanced AI technologies that empower sellers by elevating the experiences they can offer buyers, even in their absence. By integrating these two distinct AI features, we are confident we can provide buyers and sellers with more efficient and streamlined processes.”

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