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We are a group of professionals in the A.I. industry with connections with several companies and institutions in the field. We are building AI Time Journal as a platform to divulge knowledge about A.I. and its applications in business and life. The opportunities for the early contributors are listed as follows.

Why should I become an AI Time Journal Contributor?

1) Be featured on with links to your social media accounts and your website.

Establish a strong online presence (personal brand) to unlock new opportunities.

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2) Learn content marketing while building a strong online digital presence

 Get in early as writer and contributor on a prestigious Journal. Start building your own personal brand as a writer (which can lead to a lot of opportunities).

3) Learn how A.I. is being applied to business

 A lot of companies want to invest in A.I. because they realized how powerful and disruptive it is, but they lack the knowledge to do it, so there are lots of opportunities for people who 1) Understand how A.I. is applied in business and 2) Show their knowledge with a strong digital presence so that companies can find them

Who should join the AI Time Journal group?

  1. People in AI: founders and entrepreneurs, scholars, data scientists, engineers, and journalists.
  2. People who want to explore new opportunities, learn new and hot skills in the market, such as AI applications and content marketing.
  3. People who want to find win-win partners to learn by doing with others about marketing, AI, entrepreneurship.

Why is it completely free to be a contributor?

Because it’s a win-win partnership: with more articles and contributors in the network, all of us can benefit with more visibility for each article and contributor. We believe that by working together we can unlock opportunities that would otherwise not be available individually.

Ready to join?

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Still have some doubts?

But I am not a writer!

It does not matter: we can guide you with a process that will allow you to create good articles in little time.

But I am not an expert in A.I.

You don’t need to be: several types of articles do not require in-depth knowledge of AI. By applying as a contributor, you will quickly learn the basics of how Artificial Intelligence is being applied in business and automation. After that, you will be able to find the information needed to write good articles.

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