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AI Time Journal contributors include data scientists, domain experts and company founders who share a vision in divulging information, knowledge and new opportunities in Artificial Intelligence.

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  1. Become a thought leader in an exponentially growing field by showcasing your expertise and knowledge.
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Contributor Article Guidelines

We believe that by creating an environment where readers can learn and consume objective and insightful information, both authors and readers will benefit.

The guidelines for the contributor articles that we publish are designed to build a high-quality publication that delivers to this promise.

100% Original to AI Time Journal

To guarantee the quality of the publication and create value for both the readers and the authors who apply to be involved, we publish only original content that adds value (no text copied from other sources or articles already published by the author).

As of January 2020, we do not publish articles that have already been published elsewhere.

We use Copyscape to detect non-original content.


To build trust with the readers, make sure to support your claims in your articles with links and references to authoritative sources.

Educational, informative, entertaining content

The content should share knowledge and not be promotional or contain calls to action. We reserve the right to remove text or links which do not comply with these guidelines.

Reposting your article on other websites

Reposting your article on other websites after publishing on AITJ is allowed, provided that you:

  1. Wait at least two weeks before republishing on other websites
  2. Add a text and link to the article on AI Time Journal as follows:
This article was originally published on AI Time Journal

(Make sure to change the link in the text above from the AITJ website to the URL of your article on AITJ).

Reposting on Medium

If you repost the article on Medium or a Medium publication, please make sure to set the canonical link setting to the URL of the article on AI Time Journal.

We reserve the right to remove articles that are reposted on other websites without complying with these guidelines.

Article type ideas

  1. Thought leadership articles
  2. Technical content about new approaches and cutting-edge techniques in data science, machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, and related fields.
  3. Applications of AI in business, e.g. analysis of how artificial intelligence is being applied to innovate in one particular industry (and the changes that it will bring).
  4. How-to articles and guides (e.g. tutorials on deep learning).
  5. Interviews with people in AI
  6. Other ideas? Get in touch and we will be happy to talk about it.

How to submit your contributor article

  1. Fill in the contact form below.
  2. Include details on what you want to write about.
  3. We invite you to complete your application and submit your first article.
  4. If no further edits are needed, your article is published within one week.

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