Become an AI Time Journal Ambassador

AI Time Journal Ambassadors are volunteers from around the globe who take a leading role in empowering AITJ community members to improve their careers, businesses, and understanding of how Exponential Technologies are changing the world. AITJ Ambassadors are not only passionate about Artificial Intelligence, but also recognized AI/Technology thought leaders and experts who cherish the opportunity to contribute to the field of exponential technology. The ultimate goal is to pursue and analyze the development of artificial intelligence to ensure it produces the greatest possible good for humanity.  

The purpose of this program is to aid ambassadors in attaining their personal vision for the future, creating valuable connections, and advancing the skills needed to reach their professional goals, all while serving as mentors within the tech community. 

This program is designed to allow ambassadors to take a leading role in the advancement and debate of AI, exponential technologies, the future of work, automation, and business. It benefits our AITJ Ambassadors by providing an opportunity for them to showcase their valuable input, consolidate their professional career vision, enlarge their network of like-minded individuals, and diversify their skill set, especially within the context of mentorship. 

Outstanding AITJ Ambassadors are influencers, practitioners, instructors, consultants, bloggers, advocates, community builders, Meetup organizers, and evangelists. Their role is defined by their contribution of insightful content, participation and/or leading of community initiatives, events, and podcast interviews. Ambassadors may also broadcast their support by sharing and engaging with our posts on social media. Most importantly, ambassadors should be enthusiastic about exploring and generating new opportunities to engage with our community.

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