Conversational AI on Social Media Marketing: Must Need to Know

The shift to the digital marketplace has led brands to adopt social media marketing to reach their target customer. As the competition in the digital space intensifies, brands and marketers are always looking for new and trending options in the race to stand out from the rest. Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) is creating a new technological innovation in this space and is enabling brands to provide 24/7 services to their customers.

Instead of having humans do the end-to-end customer support and outreach, AI bots and other automation tools are taking over basic tasks. 

As the shift towards digital continues, Conversational AI will be the new system that can completely take over from humans. The AI-powered chatbots can help provide quick and relevant responses to customers and help make the entire process efficient and effective. Essentially, AI-powered chatbots help businesses get higher ROI (return on investment) and are thus being used for several marketing campaigns.

What is Conversational AI?

The use of AI and chatbots or virtual assistants is now commonplace for digitally-enabled brands. These advanced AI systems help create a seamless communication channel for customers, answering basic and frequently asked questions. AI Chatbots are currently efficient at handling conversations with historical references and set processes but need human intervention where the conversation is beyond the existing framework.

Conversational AI comes into the picture here. It uses machine learning algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) modules to learn, improve and deliver a more natural or human conversational experience. 

Conversational AI allows chatbots to interact with customers in an intelligent and natural flair and understand contextual references using past experiences to optimize the customer experience. As historical references and customer data patterns grow, AI systems can become highly personalized and use NLP, so there is no way of telling where the conversation is with a human or a machine. 

Conversational AI is already leading the way for digital marketing and customer support. In fact, as per top experts and research,

Benefits of Conversational AI in Social Media Marketing

Enables Highly Personalized Experiences

For most people, chatbots are only automated or messaging tools that provide a standard response depending on the customer’s choice. While this is an excellent place to start, most B2B or even B2C customers will find it irritating and may even detest the brand if the bot does not guide them to a human agent if that is their requirement. 

Conversational AI thus plays a vital role in ensuring that this conversation is highly personalized and considers the customer’s background and requirements. For social media, AI-driven chatbots that use Conversational AI can help personalize a brand’s communication and blend it with a natural conversation. It also ensures that the customer gets the proper support, recommendations, and offers or discounts tailored to the customer’s requirement, improving the chances of a sale or conversion.

Simplifies Processes & Saves Time

One of the biggest advantages offered by any AI-based solution is the time, cost, and resource savings that the company gains. Conversational AI can handle customer requirements and help marketers by answering customer queries, delivering personalized content, raising requests to the support team, and ensuring that all social media queries are efficiently handled. Another advantage conversational AI provides is its ability to scan big chunks of data to understand user behavior patterns, sort data, and help scale the brand’s social media efforts. 

For example, if you have an upcoming webinar, Conversational AI can help handle basic queries for this event on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or other direct messaging options. Each query will have the brand’s personalized and meaningful response based on the relevant keyword and contextual understanding of the AI.

At the same time, the users will also get relevant information about how to register, attend and gain access to existing materials or blogs that enlighten them about the webinar topic. This helps improve the probability of the customer attending and being impressed by the webinar, and they won’t even know they have interacted with a machine.

Improves Personalized Experiences On Social Media Platforms

The use of social media in today’s era involves much more than creating posts and stories. Brands are using omnichannel tools and applications to expand their reach and sell their products or services to wider audiences. The core objective of all social media activity is to increase the brand’s reach and generate more leads or opportunities. But if the social media team cannot provide timely and relevant communication to the converted leads, the chances of these becoming customers are extremely slim.

For example, brands can create exceptionally engaging stories using Instagram Story Maker and other tools that enhance their content quality. However, with more reach and engagement the brand gets, the higher inquiries or DMs the brand needs to handle. Even larger organizations are often resource-crunched and find it challenging to provide accurate and highly-personalized responses to each customer.

Conversational AI and chatbots can help automate this process on all social media platforms, ensuring that each lead is effectively handled and gets the right response to improve the chances of conversion.

Complements Human Expertise

It is also important to remember that Conversational AI won’t just replace your human staff right off. Chatbots are instead great for handling simple and repetitive tasks and are, therefore, a way of making your team more efficient. Conversational AI can help complement your social media team by providing relevant communication, cues, customer data, and granular information that enables humans to perform their roles effectively.

Organizations that can build an efficient chatbot and human support team wherein humans can take over as per the complexity and requirement of the customer can create an efficient and seamless customer service process.

Final Verdict

Conversational AI should be a core part of your social media strategy in 2022 and define the future of communication. With increasing dependence on Ai and machines to perform mundane tasks, brands can efficiently offload the current workload on AI systems, freeing humans to focus on the core aspects of the brand. Simply having a chatbot that provides basic conversation will no longer help you stand out. Every brand has stepped up its game to offer higher efficiency and better customer experiences in the digital sphere.

So make sure you leverage new technologies and efficiently communicate using your brand’s existing materials to help customers navigate your product or solution. AI chatbots can even distribute suitable material or video to your audience, enabling the customer to get detailed feedback on their query and achieve excellent customer feedback for your customer support and services.

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