How AI Can Help Energy Companies and their Users

Artificial intelligence is changing many industries, but one field that it can really provide the assistance we need is energy. The issue of electricity, power, and other energy sources has become as political as it is fundamental. There is no getting around it, we should all be living more sustainably. Luckily technology can help. We can use AI to improve our energy efficiency and live more within our means. Not only can the technology facilitate energy companies, it can provide assistance to their users. Continue reading below to see how AI can help this complex issue.

A New Era

For years we’ve been living beyond our means, using more energy than we should and wasting it when we could conserve. Humanity has a hard time conserving energy, especially when all that you want is available to you. If you’re tired of focusing on your carbon footprint and paying too much for energy, you should pursue technology as a way to help you conserve and limit your impact on the environment. A new era is upon us. Soon we won’t have to worry about our electricity and power usage and AI will effectively manage it and do a better job of protecting the natural world than we ever could.  Now not only are companies using AI to save on their own energy costs, there are startups focusing on this to meet the needs of consumers.

Companies Adopting AI

It is no secret that there is a big problem when it comes to how much energy we use and how we use it. Large oil, gas, and utility companies also have an issue with data. They need to run their businesses more efficiently and consider their effect on their environment. They also should deal with the increase in floods, wildfires, and heat that is putting pressure on their own infrastructure. But with this problem comes an opportunity, and there is a solution for it.

AI can help businesses slash energy use in their buildings while monitoring powerlines and pipelines. You can predict when energy gear might fail. AI technology can provide energy companies the knowledge on how their facilities will perform and when they will need maintenance. Machine learning can predict much more than humans can and it can offer essential solutions to use less energy on a daily basis.

According to the site MoneyPug, which is known as being a platform to compare energy providers, it isn’t just big companies like Exxon Mobil utilizing this technology. Small startups are developing technology that the industry can you use to both save money and decarbonize, helping both businesses and the environment.

How AI Can Help Consumers

While big oil, gas, and utility companies pump a lot of carbon into our atmosphere, individuals also need to do their part. In our own daily lives, we can all do better to conserve energy. This will save us money and lessen our impact on the planet. It is estimated that energy use can be reduced by 30 percent on average in every household.

There are many ways to use AI and machine learning to curb energy use in the household. One way is to use a smart thermostat that has machine learning capabilities. With this system, not only can you control the temperature or your home and individual rooms remotely, it can learn your schedule and adjust the temperature when you are not home. It can even learn weather patterns and change the thermostat based on the outside temperatures.

This is just the beginning. AI can find the best places for solar energy placement, breakdown your energy consumption, and find energy leaks. The reason AI is so helpful is that it can take in large amounts of data, analyze it, and come with solutions very quickly. There are many products being put on the market that have the ability to process this kind of data, the future remains to be seen.

Artificial intelligence will change a lot of things, but it will definitely alter the way we use and think about energy. It will facilitate a lot of progress, but this area is arguably the most important and existential. We don’t know fully what will come of this, but companies are developing solutions that will revolutionize the industry and our lives.

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