How to Use ChatGPT to Study Better


Technology is becoming more powerful every single day. Studying has become easier with tools like ChatGPT. Ever since this tool went live, it has become a rage among people. Students are getting help with science homework or writing science homework answers on it. Many are also using it to crack exams. But is that appropriate?

The use of this chatbot for writing your homework and assignments can be dangerous. Never use it for exams. It is better used as a research tool for studying. But this is a new tool that many find difficult to use. There are many ways to use it. But because it is still a developing tool, ChatGPT has many loopholes.

AI tools are a great source of support for studying. You can do statistical analysis with Linux. Likewise, you can also get academic support from ChatGPT. But such AI tools can go way beyond homework and studying assistance.

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What Is ChatGPT? Get the Basics Right

ChatGPT is short for Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer. This is an AI-based tool used for conversational writing. It can produce information based on your specific search requests. It is an advanced application that can mimic human dialogue. 

But this is a developing tool that is still in its initial stage. It has information updates only till 2021. It has very little knowledge of things in 2022 and 2023. That is why it still has some credibility issues. It is great at dialogue and adaptive answers. That is why it is best used to improve your studies. But never blindly rely on it for all academic issues. 

6 Ways ChatGPT Can Help Students Study Better

There are multiple ways to use this AI tool. Here we highlight the top 6 ways it can help you study better. Check out the list below. 

1. Summarizing and paraphrasing long articles

Academic pressure can always get to students. In multiple cases, students are stuck with long articles. It can become very hard to gather useful information from long articles. That is where ChatGPT can help. It can summarize and paraphrase for you. 

You can provide prompts like:

  • Summarize my science homework answers.
  • Provide me with a summary of my homework essays.

The long articles, which were too complicated before, will now be simple to understand. This technology will make the information crisp and short. Then you can use the summaries to write your own answers. Never copy-paste. It is always better to get inspiration from the summaries. 

2. Cultivate new ideas/topics for essays

When students have creative courses, they have to come up with their own essay topics. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to get new ideas every day. This AI option can assist you, in this case, in cultivating new topic ideas for homework essays. 

Examples of possible prompts include:

  • Help with science essay topics 
  • Help to form a plotline for a story 
  • Ideas for new articles on (name of subject/topic)

3. Summarizing the minutes of classes

When you are in a long class, there can be a lot of information to gather. It can get very hard to get factual information out of too-long classes. You can get help here. You can provide the system with your notes from class. You can then ask it to summarize the minutes for you.

So, when doing further study on the subject, you can take help from the summary in hand. You can provide prompts such as: 

  • Summarize class notes
  • Transcribe my video classes into texts

4. Using as a grammar and spelling checker

You can use this tool to check the grammar and spelling of your homework. It can also provide you with suggestions and help make improvements. It can be hard to identify your mistakes when you keep writing for a while.  

Here you can use prompts like:

  • Help with science homework grammar and spelling check
  • Check my homework answer spelling
  • Suggest grammatical changes for my homework essays 

5. Writing all academic mails

Writing formal academic emails is very different from writing informal personal emails. Sometimes students struggle to get a formal tone into their writing. If you are struggling with this, ChatGTP can help. It can remove all fluff and make it concise and crisp. 

The prompts you can use are:

  • Write a formal academic email about (topic)
  • Provide advice to improve my academic email 
  • Check the grammar of my academic email

6. Getting practice tests for exams

Before an exam, it can be very hard to practice what you have learned. You can ask ChatGPT to come up with practice test questions. You can solve these questions to study. You can also ask for plausible answers to the questions. You can tally these answers with your own answers. This will help you understand your progress before an exam.

Some of the prompts you can provide for this are:

  • Provide me with 10 suggested questions on (topic)
  • Generate 6 test questions on (topic) for academic level (grade)
  • Give me feedback on my answers to questions (provide your answers here)

The Do’s and Don’Ts of Using ChatGPT for Students

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There are a few factors to consider while using this AI tech. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts for students using this tech. Remember these points to get the best out of this AI tool. Following these guidelines will also help you stay out of risk. 


  • Use it to research and assist your studies.
  • Provide clear prompts if you want comprehensive answers.
  • Always fact-check everything that this platform provides you.
  • ChatGPT is an open-source AI chatbot. So, trust your own analytical and critical thinking abilities.
  • Rethink every piece of information. Do this before believing the resources provided by this AI tech. 


  • Never use this AI technology to finish your homework answers. 
  • Do not completely rely on this technology for factual answers.
  • Never use the information provided by it without cross-checking.
  • Do not use it to write your exam answers. It is not plagiarism-proof.
  • Do not use this if your academic institute has stopped its usage.

Final Thoughts

According to the Wall Street Journal, ChatGPT has a lot of potential for abusive usage. Many scammers and students have also used it to write their assignments. People also mention that this tool cannot understand the complexity of human language. So, this is a great option for students to research and study, and be most suitable for background work. But this should never be a one-stop solution for studies. 

It is undeniable that this development is a revolutionary invention for AI technologies. But the usage of this tool should stay in control. Usage must remain limited because, otherwise, it can become very addictive. Hence, it should never replace human thoughts, language skills, or critical thinking.

Open AI inventors themselves mentioned that it could occasionally produce incorrect information. This can be very harmful to students if they have unsupervised usage. So, our two cents? Use this AI technology judiciously. Trust your own instincts more than any Artificial Intelligence.

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