Creative Designer Internship

You will report to the marketing manager and work in a multicultural team across multiple time zones. The internship is an opportunity to build a portfolio while creating design work for a fast-growing media business in the exponentially-growing field of AI.

I got to see all aspects of the business such as marketing, creative, social media, HR, etc.

The internship helped me learn more about what goes into a business. I got to see all aspects of the business such as marketing, creative, social media, HR, etc.

This internship helped me grow as a creative as I was creating content such as ebook covers and YouTube thumbnails, which are pieces I don’t generally create but I was glad to have had the opportunity to branch out some more.

Madison Hovey

Creative Design
Feb 21, 2022

I gained additional experience in podcasting, constructing marketing materials, and broadening my teamwork collaboration abilities

During my time at AI Time Journal as a Creative Design Intern, I gained additional experience in podcasting, creating assets for AI Time Journal Academy, constructing marketing materials for the company’s Shopify as well as WordPress sites, and broadening my teamwork collaboration abilities.

Additionally, working with the management team directly provided me with new insight into AI integration. My time at AI Time Journal has in, many ways, been fulfilling. I have gotten to be a part of not one but three separate teams (Creative Design, Podcast, Academy), which provided opportunities for me to grow as a designer. For example, I had the chance to create eBook covers, podcast graphics for various streaming platforms, assets for Shopify and the company site, the list goes on. Additionally, I was able to network with individuals from all around the world in a remote environment. Build long-term connections that will be vital moving forward to the next phase of my career. Overall, my experience at AI Time Journal has been very positive, and the impact I have been able to make is something that I will always be proud of.

Alexandra Jackson

Creative Design
Aug 15, 2021

You will be responsible for:

  • Making our communications look and feel beautiful
  • Designing ebook covers, banner ads, landing pages, podcast preview images, interview series logos, and other types of images and graphics
  • Coordinate with the marketing teams to plan and execute campaigns
  • Join team meetings to brainstorm ideas for new and innovative content, PR, and social media campaigns 
  • Design infographics.

We are looking for:

  • Someone talented in Graphic Design, Visual Design and/or Motion Graphics
  • Strong knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Proficiency in typography and layout design
  • Solid written and verbal communication skill

Bonus points if you have:

  • Video editing (Premiere)
  • Experience with Sketch

You will be credited for your work on Social Media, see examples here:

  1. Data Science Trends 2022 ebook cover designed by Alexandra Jackson
  2. Manasi Vartak interview infographic designed by Laura Moreno